21 Fantabulous Pointed Nail Designs to Finish Your Fall Look

Pointed nail designs have been trending for a while now. But when we thought that the reign has come to an end, it burst out with a whole lot of fresh ideas. It makes you wonder why is that? Is that because women like to be bold and edgy these days, or is it a way of protection? We do not know that, but we know all about the freshest ideas for those who are in love with a stiletto shape.

Cute and Stylish Nude Stiletto Nails

Time for nude stiletto nails has come. But if too simple is too boring, we know a way of how to spice things up a little. Adding up a few silvery leafy shapes to your baby pink nude base is exactly what you need, in our opinion.

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Best Ideas for White Stiletto Nails

White stiletto nails are so perfect that there is rarely a need for something more. The shape itself in a combination with pearly white nail polish is unforgettably elegant, don’t you think?

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Amazing Ideas of Pointed Nail Designs

It is time to rock the universe. There is nothing better that will help you achieve this goal than the killer combo of matte black, gold sparkles, and little spikes. No one will dare messing with you now!

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Sparkling Nail designs for a Luxurious Look

It has been repeated that with a stiletto shape, there is not that much required. Of course, there is plenty of room – but don’t you think that sometimes the less is the better? Just look at this shiny diamond-like mani!

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Startling Combinations with Black

For all the lovers of edgy and unusual, we also have something in store. Combining a stiletto shape with black matte is already daring, but you can always go further and add some blood-red.

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Matte Nails are a Trend of The Season

This season is full of trendy things. Matte, midnight blue nail art is one of them. Something as simple and as elegant as this shade looks fantastic in a combination with a stiletto nail shape, don’t you think?

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Chic and Stylish Pointed Nail Designs

Not only matte designs are trending these days, metallic shades are not going anywhere, too. That is why for a nice, chic, and polished look we suggest you to pick a coral metallic base and decorate it with a nice gold pattern.

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