Perfect Pointed Nails You Would Love to Have

Pointed nails are classic. That’s why they are so popular among celebrities. If you want to have a bold and daring look, they are for you. These ultra-pointy nails are cool and awesome but they may not be for everyone. It is a new trend for women who want to stand out from the crowd. Now it’s high time you try this nail shape on your nails.

Stunning Glitter Pointed Nail Designs

Pointy nails will make you the center of attention. Look at these stunning glitter pointed nail designs, don’t you want to have the same on your nails? These nail designs will turn you into the queen of the party. Choose some sparkling accessories to complete the look. Make a fashion statement with these nail designs that we have chosen for your inspiration.

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Elegant Nude Rose Nails

Long nails have more surface to paint different nail art on it. Elegant nude rose nails will make your look more sophisticated. These nails are perfect for women with small hands and fingers because they can make them appear longer. These nail designs will edge up any outfit. As you see, simple rose polish can create various gorgeous nail designs.

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Cool Pointed Acrylic Nails

These cool pointed acrylic nails will make your look even more charming than it is. These fresh nail designs won’t stay unnoticed, that’s for sure. These nails are also known as stiletto or claw nails. If you need your fingers to look longer and slender, choose claw nails. It’s high time you try them on your nails.

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Fabulous Nude Pointed Nails

It is important to know that this nail shape is the weakest, that’s why lots of women prefer to have artificial nails. You should choose fabulous nude pointy nails, if you want them to suit any event or outfit.

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Really Cute Designs for Pointed Nails

Have a look at these really cute designs for stiletto nails. They will definitely make you a dangerous femme fatale. Enjoy the different styles and colors of claw nails. These nail designs are truly a show-stopper.

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Trendy Pointed Nails

These trendy stiletto nails will blow your mind away. But to do them, you need the help of a nail master or a friend.

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Fabulous Designs for Pointy Nail

These fabulous designs for claw nails will leave everyone around you speechless for a moment. Don’t miss a chance to impress people with your beauty!

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Source: Laquenailbar via Instagram
Source: Laquenailbar via Instagram

Main photo by Tomnovart