Enigmatic Paisley Pattern Nails To Play Around With


Paisley pattern nails are becoming more and more popular with every day nowadays. However, the pattern itself is anything but modern. The thing is that this Persian pattern was used a long before the nail art industry became so popular. These intricate patterns have been the decoration for many people in term of clothing and even furniture decoration for centuries now. There are many thoughts on why it gained such popularity; the most common is that it has the ability to bring infertility. It is not that we are superstitious, but it may be a nice addition to the intricacy and beauty of it. That is why, today we are going to share with you a fresh compilation of paisley patterns to pull off, so enjoy!


Paisley Pattern Nails In Blue Shades

There are many intricate and trendy nail art designs out there, but not all of them can make you fall in love with them from the first glance. This gentle but stylish blue and white ombre adorned with the paisley pattern is surely one of them!

Source: ladyandthe_stamp via Instagram


Intricate Paisley Print For Summer Manicure

Summer is all about bright and juicy colors, but when solid coating becomes too dull, there is something else to try out. The combination of yellow and orange hues connected with the paisley pattern over the white base is that something unique you are looking for!

Source: ojemelo via Instagram

Awesome Paisley Nails Decorated With Beads

There are also times when paisley is not enough, no matter how exquisite and colorful it is. In times like these, we suggest you add some beads to the design. The outcome will be ravishing!

Source: shpuntik_nailart via Instagram


Incredible Paisley Print On Holo Base

The holographic base is beyond trendy these days. However, not all the ladies are bold enough to wear it on its own. That is why we have a perfect way out at hand. How about decorating the holo base with some paisley? Simply breath-taking!

Source: shpuntik_nailart via Instagram

Beautiful Paisley Decor For Long Nails

There are some patterns that may look out of place at a certain length, and there is nothing you can do about that fact. Yet, the mixture of long nails and paisley pattern is undoubtedly not the case. The two complete each other like bread and butter.

Source: alice.and.her.rabbit via Instagram


Paisley Nails In A Bohemian Style

No matter how intricate the pattern is, there is always a way to take it to the next level. This bohemian paisley pattern is the best representatives of the consumption.

Source: i_annylook via Instagram

Shiny Gold Paisley Accents

There are times when all that is missing is a perfect accent. Since inky purple and gold are a match made in heaven that is why paisley accent in gold hues over the blue base is true perfection!

Source: natasha_rainy via Instagram

Hand Painted Paisley Pattern For A Cute Manicure

It is true that in most cases paisley pattern nails are created with the help of stamping. However, there are ways to replicate the pattern on your own, and this design is the perfect proof. Use your hands and imagination to create the masterpiece!

Source: sensationails4u via Instagram


Paisley Manicure In Contrasting Shades

It is not a secret to anyone that in order to create a noticeable nail art it is best to use contrasting colors. That is precisely the fact that makes this combo of black and yellow a killer one!

Source: nails4cocktails via Instagram

Fabulous Paisley Decor For Natural Nude Nails

There are times when you can’t go any other shade but nude. If that is your case, but you are seeking the ways to dissolve the neutrality – then we advise you add some paisley pattern to your nails!

Source: sassyshelly129 via Instagram

Delicate Paisley Print For Classic Red Manicure

Classic red is something many ladies opt for. However, when sheer red looks boring for you it is time to take the things to the next level. All you need to do to achieve that is to add some paisley to your nails!

Source: marinelp91 via Instagram


Fun Green Paisley Pattern Nails

There are so many things that make you go crazy about the green color, and the fact that it is one of the trendiest when it comes to this season is not the only conviction. That is why it is so important to pair it with a pattern that will only intensify the vibe, and colorful paisley is precisely what we have in mind!

Source: gingers_nails via Instagram

Neat Manicure With Paisley Accent

It is true that in order to achieve the perfect effect you do not need to go full in with paisley pattern nails. Very often what you need is an accent. One look at this nail art and you will get the point!

Source: dude.nail via Instagram

Sunny Ombre Nails With Paisley Print

Bright and sunny ombre looks gorgeous on it is own, that is true. However, the addition of paisley accent to each nail is what you need to make your nails look fabulous and unforgettable!

Source: asp2016 via Instagram


Crimson Nails Decorated With White Paisley

Crimson shades are intense and self-complete, we can’t deny that. Yet, we know a way to make crimson nails look gentle and feminine nevertheless. All you need to achieve the goal is to adorn your crimson-coated nail with the white paisley pattern!

Source: polishedjess via Instagram

Main photo by Marinelp91