Nude Nails Perfect Shades For Your Skin Tone


Nude nails are universal, just like red lipstick or little black dress, that is a known fact. Yet, these days, more and more nude shades appear. When you think about it for a while, it seems quite nice to have a greater range of nudes to choose from. But, there is something you are bound to know – not every nude hue suits all types of skin. That is why we decided to carry out a little research and introduce to you a range of shades that go well with every complexion. We hope you will discover something new today!

Best Nails Polish Colors For Very Fair To Light

Fair skin is the dream of many ladies but not everyone of them is aware of the difficulties this gorgeous skin tone comes with. The thing is that when you are the lucky owner of light skin you need to pay closer attention to the shades you chose to compliment you, especially when it comes to your manicure. That is why we have a few worthy ideas of nude colors that will go with light skin just perfect.


Topless And Barefoot Essie For Fair Skin

To emphasize the beauty of your fair skin with your nails, it would be best to opt for the mixture of beige nail color and some light pink. Yet, be careful with pink, too much of it may make your hands look pale and ashy.

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Zoya Tatum Polish Color For Fair Skin Tone

Neutral nail color a few tones darker than your skin may be a perfect option for those of you with fair skin tone. Make sure it is not too pale though.

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From Sally Hansen – Arm Candy Polish

If you are a fan of pearly shades, then this nude shade from Sally Hansen would be just the perfect option for you!

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Dior Incognito Nail Polish

In case you prefer apricot tones in your manicure, this is one of the best ideas to try out. We are sure even nude your nails won’t go unnoticed!

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Popular Nails Polish Colors For Medium To Lightly Tan Skin Color

Things may be a little simpler with medium tones since you can play around with a wider range of nude hues when it comes to your nails. It happens so that we have a fair share of nude nail polish ideas if your skin is anything on the scaly from medium to light tan!

Essie Mademoiselle Polish For Medium Skin

While pink is a huge no-no for fair skin – for medium skin tones it couldn’t be better. These gentle hues will surely take care of all the flaws and will emphasize all the benefits of your skin.

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Zoya Farah Nails Color For Medium Skin

In case pink is not your cup of tea you can easily opt for something as gorgeous as this brownish beige nail polish!

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Nostalgia Polish From Jim Soon

This is that perfect case when nude manicure is completed by intricate bright nail art without being taken over the edge. Such a manicure can be easily worn to the office on a daily basis!

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Amazing Nude Nails Funny Girl Form Marc Jacobs

Those of you who do not want to waste their time on looking boring with nude nails to choose Funny Girl shade. Besides, it goes just perfectly with medium skin!

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Nude Nails Polish For Olive To Very Tan Skin Color

Olive skin is the velvet beauty of a skin tone we all know that. However, it is also important to know the ways you can take your look to the next level and your manicure may be the missing point. That is why, in case you still do not know what nude shades are your best friends, let’s have a look!

Wild Nude Essie To Olive Skin Tone

A splash of tam with some white specks glowing is a perfect addition to any outfit especially if you are a warm-toned lady. If your skin is medium dark then this shade is what you have been looking for!

Source: aliciatnails via Instagram

Opi Half Past Nude Polish

The truth is that with tan skin tones there are so many interesting sheds to pull off that it may be even difficult to decide. If you are all about gentle and peachy-pink hues, then this may be a great addition to your collection of trendy nudes.

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Nude Nails With Sally Hansen Totem-ly Yours

Peachy shades are the best for tanned women, but when sheer nude nail polish becomes a little too boring, you can always spice it up with some sparkle. Nice rose gold sparkly French tip will suit even for the most serious interview you ever have!

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Nude Roze In Chanel New Dawn

At first glance, this shade may not seem nude at all. However, for tanned skin, it is. As the light changes so changes the shading, and that is what makes this nude shade so special.

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Nails Polish Shades For Dark To Deep Skin

It may be difficult to come up with a nude shade for deep tones since it is too easy to go to the light and ruin the look. Besides, the range of hues is slightly different from all the other. Yet, with our guidance, you have nothing to worry about!


Orly Nude Nails In Coffee Break Polish

Brown skin requires special attention. If you are a coffee lover, you may track the connection between your skin shade and the one of coffee. That is why cocoa and milk hue is the one you should choose as your nude.

Source: denisedrift via Instagram

Zoya Chanelle Nail Polish For Dark Skin

Warm brown nude polishes go well with dark tones as well. As a perfect example, we suggest you try out this one!

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Floss Gloss Nail Polish In Blood Suede & Tears

The thing with dark skin is that you can pull off perfectly well a great variety of shades. Just look at this dark caramel one, does it look out of place for you? We think it is the shape and the shade that any dark-toned lady can easily opt for when heading to the office on a daily basis!

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Rozy Beige Nails With Zoya Brigitte

If you are looking for something to both contrast and complement your skin, then this rose beige nail color is your best bet!

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Main photo by Coranevia