The beauty trends keep changing one another at the speed of light. While some come back from the past, others have a direct connection to the future. The notion of kawaii nails anything but underrated at the moment. So, the more you learn about the trending stream, the more fashionable your manicure will look!


It does not take long to figure out where do kawaii nail designs come from. Those of who are familiar with Japanese culture may already know what Kawaii stands for. The word is used to describe something colorful, unique and one-of-the-kind. However, when it comes to the manicure niche, the notion intertwines with the depiction of popular cartoons and other bright ideas, such as the Hello Kitty brand, Pokémon culture, Minnie Mouse and anything else within the scale.

The main reason why cute Japanese nails are so popular at the moment is the fact that there are no rules to follow. As long as you have a fun and vibrant idea in mind and a skillful artist to work on it, you can create a masterpiece that is hard to replicate. Once you browse through our Kawaii nail art compilation, you’ll find it difficult to disagree!

Cartoon Little Mermaid Kawaii Nails

You don’t have to be a renowned artist to depict your favorite cartoon characters on your nails. The design proves that kawaii short nails look balanced and unique. Dedicate each nail to a separate image ad enjoy the outcome!

Cartoon Little Mermaid Representation


Kawaii Apple Nail Art

What of it if no one can recognize the heroes that you paint over your nails? Kawaii nails are the best canvas for your imagination and creativity. So, who could resist and not smile at a single glance at these sweet nails?

Kawaii Apple Nail Art

Lilac Unicorn Kawaiiness

It is time to show off your adoration for lovely unicorn nails culture. It seems that a lilac background has been created to fit the purpose. A single image proclaims all the loveliness of trend in the act.

Lilac Unicorn Kawaii-ness


Kawaii Nails New-Year’s Mood

If you think that a korean fashion nail art is all about cartoon culture and childish ideas, it is time you discover that the notion is unlimited. Even a serious and necessary Christmas mood fits the category.

Kawaii New-Year’s Mood

Rainbow Multi-Variation Kawaii Nails

It does not matter what you like most – cars or spaceships. There’s room for each in the Kawaii manicure sphere. You have ten canvas to dedicate to a separate idea. Use them wisely and in a fun way!

Rainbow Multi-Variation


Abstract and Kawaii Nails Sparkles

Some of you may falsely assume that cute kawaii nails are all about fancy hand-drawn images. However, abstract nail art fits the category as long as it is bright and unique.

Abstract and Kawaii Sparkles

Colorful and Kawaii French Tip

Rejoice the fans of a French manicure. You can add a note of vibrancy to your look any time now. All it takes is to decide on the favorite hues you are willing to implement into the style.

Colorful and Kawaii French Tip

Pastel Glitter in Kawaii Nails

A sweet and gentle iridescent manicure can fit almost any semi-formal or casual event. The amount of light and warmth that these feminine tips glow with is felt through the screen. Don’t you feel it?

Pastel Glitter in Kawaii Style


Plain But Bright Kawaii Nail Art

When you are running out of time, you can’t spend the last minutes on complex mani. The flawless calmness of blue and pink hues sprinkled with adorable sparkle coat can substitute the fancies of manicures!

Plain But Bright Kawaii Nail Art

3-D Purple Temptation for Kawaii Nails

Kawaii acrylic nails look impressively realistic and magnetic. The mixture of purple shades topped with a fascinating white rose will complete any delicate image and become the center of undivided attention.

3-D Purple Temptation

Kawaii Nails Summer Vibes

One of the main advantages of kawaii long nails is the fact that you can draw your favorite objects in detail. Feeling nostalgic about the summer? There is nothing that a fair share of pineapples, cocktails and palm trees drawn on your nails wouldn’t solve!

Kawaii Summer Vibes


Kawaii Nails – Personal View On Mundane

Who said that blue and white are the only shades for fluffy clouds? Besides, who claims that a French tip should remain strict and even? But, if you are willing to go against the rules, this sweet mani will help you find the right direction!

Personal View On Mundane

Kawaii Charms Nails

At first glance, the reserved grey color scale should be left to edgy experimentations. However, just a bit of crystal accent can change things dramatically. The chances are that you couldn’t even assume the design to fit the Kawaii category?

Kawaii Charms Nails

Metallic Butterfly Kawaii Nails

Metallic nails are still on the edge of popularity, and you can enjoy the power of these gorgeous looking tips. However, as much as a vibrant butterfly addition to the fingertip changes the whole perception!

Metallic Butterfly Reflection


Glitter Gradient Kawaii Nails

There is barely anything lovelier than a holographic ombre. However, the notion of translucent yet colorful bows introduced to the scene changes the whole idea. See for yourself!

Glitter Gradient Kawaii Nails

Almost Neutral yet Kawaii Nails

You don’t need to step over your boundaries and opt for something over the edge vibrant when it comes to kawaii manicure. Dusted French and cute flowers are more than enough.

Almost Neutral yet Kawaii

Gold and Silver Mani Pool

Who said that you couldn’t combine all the favorite stencils and design in one? The notion of Kawaii nails knows no boundaries!

Gold and Silver Mani Pool


Unique Inverted French Kawaii Nails

From the first look at this elegant lavender manicure, it’s hard to spot the catch. Yet, if you look long enough, you will solve the customized mystery of the loveliest inverted French!

Unique Inverted French

Glorious Hand-Painted Flowers on Kawaii Nails

Stop doodling on the paper. Instead, grab your favorite nail polishes and start working on kawaii gel nails covered with colorful flowers!

Glorious Hand-Painted Flowers

Kawaii nails are a recent addition to the world of nail fashion. However, the brightness and uniqueness of it are making their way right to the top of all trends!