The power of manicure and pedicure is great, and there is barely any lady who would dare to underestimate it. Yet, sometimes we are so busy with our lives that it is close to impossible to find some spare time and means to waste on a nice salon procedure, right? That is why we suggest you to learn how to do a manicure at home step by step. We know that there are a manicure and pedicure kit you rarely use because you are afraid you may spoil something.


It is high time you take your home pedicure tools out and here is what you need to do to achieve the perfect look and grant yourself a few moments of relaxation:

Step 1. Clean

It may sound pretty obvious, yet in order to start your nail care, you need to get rid of all the nail polish on your fingernails and toes.

Step 2. File

It is important that all of your nails are all evenly shaped, that is why you should proceed with filling right after you cleaned tour nails.

Step 3. Buffing

Of course, you do not want your nails to look all bumpy and not smooth. that is why right after filling we suggest you buff all of your nails so that they are all smooth and polished.

Step 4. Exfoliation

Before you proceed with exfoliation, you need to spend a few minutes soaking your hands and feet properly. Now you can continue with the exfoliation.

Step 5. Cuticles

Your cuticles need proper care as well. That is why you should start with rubbing some oil into your cuticles. When your cuticles soften, you should push them back with the help of orange sticks, and then you should grant them a proper massage with the help of your favorite moisturizer.

Step 6. Base

The base coat is very important to secure your manicure, yet you need to make sure your nails are completely free of all the oil and moisturizer before you proceed with the base.

Step 7. Polish

This is the time when you start experimenting with the color and design. To tell you the truth we have gathered a couple of trendy ideas to definitely try out right now! Do not forget about the top coat once your design is ready!

Now when you know how to do manicure and pedicure at home, it is time to have a look at the trendiest manicure and pedicure designs we have gathered here for you!

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Mani-Pedi For Beach Time

When the summer hits, all of us are most likely to rush to the beach at the slightest possibility. But before you give in to the warmth of the sun, it is essential to take care of your look and the details matter. That is why a sea-themed manicure and pedicure should be at least considered. Fancy seashells designs or lovely marine patterns – it is up to you to choose, but these ideas are worth at least being considered.


French Manicure And Pedicure Designs

Among all the manicure and pedicure ideas we think it is nice to focus your attention on trendy pastel shades. But all is not that simple as it sounds since we suggest you to create a pastel-shaded French on your fingernails as well as on your toes. When that is not enough, you can easily add some sparkles to the design to spice it up.

Rhinestones Art For Toe Nails

Who said that gel pedicure couldn’t be intricate? We think it totally can and should. You can easily take your reserved French toenail art to the next level with the help of a fancy rhinestone pattern. Besides a gentle pearly pedicure will look even better with a nice rhinestone string added.


Manicure And Pedicure Designs With Flowers

Flower lovers it is time to rejoice! We have gathered for you a trendy collection of floral patterns which can be easily pulled off on your toes! All of them are extremely sweet and charming except for cacti one – that one is marvelous!

Colorful Manicure And Pedicure Designs

More and more ladies wish their manicure and pedicure to be bright-shaded. That is why we couldn’t ignore the request, and we suggest to your attention a few fresh and bright diy toe nail designs that you can quickly pull off on your own!


Toe Nails Designs With Shiny Accents

Sometimes all that you need for a perfect pedicure is a properly-chosen accent. That is why we have gathered here for you a set of various accents that will suit different tastes. Anything on the scale from fancy stones to silver glitter not to mention a reserved studded pattern can be your perfect source of inspiration.

Abstract Manicure And Pedicure

There is no such a thing as too much unusual art no matter the season outside. As for the abstract art – no matter the shade it will look gorgeous on your fingernails as well on your toes.

We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!