Getting your nail done is one of the most common procedures that the beauty world offers at the moment. While all possible variations of gen manicure have rocked the stage, the perks of gel pedicure seem to shy away from the spotlight. If you want to learn what the gel polish pedicure looks like and whether you should pursue the procedure – you have come to the right place. Besides, should you decide to test the fashionable trend, we have a fair share of worthy designs to keep in mind when you’re heading to the salon.


Is A Gel Pedicure Worth It?

Before you proceed with all the fancy gel pedicure ideas that the market offers, you need to be 100% sure that the benefits cover the downsides. One of the main reasons why so many ladies tend to choose gel pedi to all the other options is the fact that it is utterly lasting.
While you may be already aware of how lasting the gel mani is, the pedicure alternative would exceed the period of 2-3 weeks and last up to a month. It all depends upon the lifestyle that you lead.
Another excellent benefit of gel pedicure is the fact that it dries instantly, and you don’t have to worry that you may ruin the design by putting the shoes on while heading out of the salon.
The safety of the procedure should be inevitably brought up. If you opt for a LED pedicure, you have nothing to worry about. The process won’t harm your skin, but if you are utterly paranoid about it, you can always ask for pedicure socks to protect your feet from exposure.
The cost of the procedure may vary depending on your preferences and the salon you opt for. However, the process usually varies between $35-$70, which is not that high a cost for a month-lasting effect.
The final point in favor of gel pedicure would be the never-ending range of designs and ideas to play around with.


What Does A Gel Pedicure Include?

So, what is a gel pedicure? In fact, it is a procedure that resembles your casual gel manicure closely. First thing first, you get your feet done through soaking, cutting the cuticles, and other thorough procedures. After that, the nail artist will base coat your toenails, color them with chosen color coat and introduce the fancy designs if you prefer some. After topping the previous layers, your toenails will be finished. Don’t forget about the mandatory LED curing to set the layers right. On average, the procedure lasts up to an hour or so, depending on the complexity of the pattern you choose.

One Tone Toe Nails

One of the simplest ideas to pull off when it comes to toe nail colors would be to follow the classics. Should you be willing to shorten the procedure and escape all the fancy add-ons, you can decide on a single color that corresponds with your taste and lifestyle the most. Whether it is an elegant red or pastel blue – the choice is yours.


Toe Nails with Glossy Accents

To add some extra spice to your look, you can also experiment with various accents introduced into the design. It does not take much to complete a mind-blowingly gorgeous toenail art. A sparkly accent toe or a mixed one-toe design serves the goal right too.

French Gel Pedicure

Did you think that classy French nail art is reserved for manicures solely? Gel French manicure and pedicure is one of the most demanded designs in the industry too. Besides, a good old French gel pedicure can be easily spiced up with fresh hues and variations. When a mere combo of neutral and white seems a little too used-up, you can always experiment with the basic color and turn to lilacs, reds, greens, and whatnot to enhance the final result.


Bright Gel Pedicure

Not all the ladies are utterly fond of white gel pedicure, and that is understandable. However, bright accents aren’t always allowed by an official dress code, are they? That is where vibrant toe nail designs come in irreplaceable. You can mix and match all the neons that come to your mind to fulfill one of the brightest dreams of yours. Besides, when the summer season hits, you will look astonishing in that bathing suit and colorful pedi!

Cat Eye Toe Nail Designs

At times, a solid nail polish coat can look more breath-taking than the fanciest of decorative designs. The cat-eye effect proves that a single color can change its shades endlessly and serve as a magnet to the eyes with the least of effort involved.

Gel pedicure is getting more requested by the day. It is time you figure out all the perks that the procedure offers and find the best ideas to implement into your style.
Turn your next visit to the salon into an unforgettable experience!