Popular K-beauty trends are taking over the beauty world at the speed of light, so there’s nothing strange about unique Korean nails becoming women’s most popular choice. The nail care borders with a pleasant obsession in Korean culture. If you want to implement the best ideas into your look, you need to be aware of the uprising trends. That’s precisely what we’ll talk about today. Use these ideas to inspire and create the designs that most people would only dream about!


Do Koreans get their nails done?

Koreans are obsessed with their nail designs fashion, and there’s no exaggeration to the statement. They seem to have learned how to mix the incompatible and craft breath-taking masterpieces out of them. There are nail salons anywhere you are headed, no matter the size of the city. The color palettes on offer are utterly creative and unlimited. Besides, a fair share of bling should be added to the design to emphasize its belonging to the Korean style.


Fancy and Fun Watercolors

Even the most reserved korean fashion nail art will have enough room for a colorful accent. It may be a single nail lighting up the whole manicure, or it can be the mixture of watercolors and techniques that you could have considered impossible. Besides, you don’t have to sport extended tips to get such a flawless and bright outcome.

Сrystals in Korean Nails

Korean minimalist nail art exists, and there’s little doubt about it. However, the appraisal of all sorts of crystals can’t be denied. If you are okay with a fair share of rhinestones, you need to realize that rhinestones are the equivalent of minimal bling. A large gemstone, or even better – a few of those, is what Korean nail fashion is about.


Kawaii Nails For Cute Ladies

Kawaii nails are the notion born and bred in Asian countries. Nevertheless, the whole idea of incredibly lovely, somehow childish, designs came to liking in the West too. So, whether these are smiley faces, hearts, rainbows, or unicorns that you like most, you can explain your devotion by saying that you follow the trendy kawaii stream!

Tattoo-inspired Korean Nails

Tattoos are a great way to express your stylish persona and emphasize individuality. However, trendy Korean nail art has claimed the field too. These days, if you are uncertain about getting an actual tattoo, you can start with your nails. All sorts of tattoo-inspired stickers are available on the market so that you can mix and match those to create a beautiful masterpiece!


Accent Nail Art

When you start to browse Instagram Korean nail art ideas, you will spot the pattern that involves accent nails. However, unlike the accented designs that you may be used to, Korean fashion involves glittery and stone-adorned ideas to help the manicure stand out. Besides, one accent is rarely a limit. You can opt for two or three accents at the same time without taking the outcome over the edge.

Korean Minimalistic Nail Art

Not all Korean nail art ideas are vibrant and eye-catchy. There is room for elegant Korean nail art, too. Nevertheless, it differs from what you may have already experimented with. For instance, a simple French tip is represented in two shades to emphasize the uniqueness and trendiness of the design. A sheer negative space mani is upgraded with cute glitter and so on.

Marble Nails Korean-Fashion

Even the ultra-popular marble nail trend has been spiced up and slightly twisted by Korean taste. However, there is no worsening of the effect whatsoever. Instead, you can create nature-inspired and bright manicures despite the length of your tips. Don’t forget about ‘something glittering’ to complete the design in Korean style.


Shattered Glass Nail Art Ideas

Korean-style nails seem to have absorbed all the best trends and upgraded them in ways we couldn’t have imagined. A chess-patterned, mirror-like manicure will make anyone drool over your nails. To achieve the outcome, you may spend a fair share of spare time at the salon, but the result will exceed the most daring of expectations!

Upgraded Korean French Fade

Even the classiest French fade has been granted a fresh twist by the unlimited imagination of Korean nail artists. Surely, you may be already expecting glitter to make its way into the pattern. Yet, the utterly vibrant combo of different-shaded fades in one design will surprise the edgiest of you!

Korean nails seem to outshine most trends in the industry at the moment, and there is a reasonable explanation to the notion. These fresh ideas are so cute and versatile that anyone can find a design to best express style and individuality!