These days there is barely anyone who is not in fashion, especially when it comes to the female half of the population. However, the trends are ever-changing and following them all may be a difficult task for many. That is why you have us at your disposal. So, today, we are going to bring to your attention something entirely unique but entirely trendy. The thing is that Korean fashion nail art is something that is stealing the runways this year and it is time you are getting closely acquainted with the freshest examples of this exquisite nail art!


Korean Fashion Nail Art – Nail Piercing

Asian nail art can be pretty unpredictable too and when you think that there are things impossible to combine into nail art – they just prove you wrong. The combo of nails and piercings is the perfect example of the idea. However, you can’t actually say that this nail design is anything but marvelous!

Korean Fashion Nail Art – Nail Piercing

Korean Nail Art – Nail Piercing


Metal Accessories for Korean Nails

It is true that the latest Korean nail trends have evolved further than merely adding drawings to their nails. The thing is that they still stick to various somewhat abstract designs but use wire instead of paint. To tell you the truth the result is quite impressive. See for yourself!

Metal Accent for Korean Nails

Metal Accessories for Korean Nails

Shattered Glass Korean Nails

Glass nails have been trending for a while now, that is true. However, you are bound to know who invented them. Eun Kyung Park is the Korean lady who thought that everything connected with shattered glass would like adorable on nails and we guess that she couldn’t be more right!

Shattered Glass Korean Nails

Dark Shattered Glass Korean Nails


Nails Jewelry – Korean Nails Art

It seems that Korean nails has moved a lot further than just adding designs to the nails, they have invented something entirely different and never known before – take-off metal fingernail accessory. You can spice things up with such an accessory no matter where you go or what manicure idea you are pulling off at the moment.

Nails Jewelry - Korean Nails Art

Korean Nails with Nails Jewelry

Korean Nail Design With Negative Space

There is barely anyone to surprise with the idea that negative space designs are on the edge of popularity these days. However, such skillful ideas have been present by the Koreans so far. Amazing!

Korean Nails Design With Negative Space

Abstract Korean Nails


Colorful Korean Nail Art

Sometimes it may seem that too many bright objects on your nails will create the disharmony. But, Korean nail trends tend to prove it otherwise. Take this colorful and sweet nail art as the perfect example of what has been said.

Colorful Stones Korean Nail Art

Colorful Korean Nail Art

Bright Korean Nails Art

Korean Fashion Nail Art – Gold Accents

We all know that the easiest way to create a masterpiece on your own is to opt for different nail accessories. Yet, this precious ideas proves that even simple caviars or studs can be the weapon of mass destruction in the hands of a skillful nail artist!

Korean Fashion Nail Art - Gold Accents

Korean Nail Art with Gold Accents

Amazing 3D Nails Korean Trend

3D nail art has been in for a while now, but it is time you learn how to take things to the utterly new level. Instead of creating some intricate patterns you should better get inspired by Mother Nature and opt for something like this seas salt 3D nail art.

Amazing 3D Nails Art - Special Korean Trend

Amazing 3D Nails Art

3D Nails Art Korean Trend


Glitter Nail Design With Negative Space

Summer Korean nails are all very versatile and unique we can tell you this much. However, if you wish to spend the summer Korean way, then you should better get yourself some colorful glitter and outline your nail bed with them. That is it! Simple, stylish and unique!

Glitter Korean Nail Design

Glitter Nail Design With Negative Space

Diamond Nails – Korean Art Style

Diamond nails are like the piece of heaven on Earth! They are so simple and so stunning at the same time that it is difficult to take the eyes off! Wouldn’t you agree?

Big Diamond Nails - Korean Art Style

Diamond Nails - Korean Art

Diamond Nails - Korean Art Style

Dry Flowers Another Korean Nails

You cannot say that Korean women are indifferent to floral nail art, yet it is safe to say that they perceive it in a completely different way. The thing is that floral nail art in the view of Korean artist is with the involvement of actual dried flowers. However, the outcome is as mind-blowing as usual!

Cute Dry Flowers Korean Nails

Dry Flowers Korean Nails

We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!