How many of you do believe in myths? We are likely to think that a fair share lot of you do and there is no wonder why since myths do exist not only to entertain but also to fascinate us. What is more, when it comes to the fictional world it always seems to be more interesting than the reality, and that is how many people tend to escape the routine. That is why if you believe in vampires and mermaids – you have come to the right place! We are not going to prove it to you whether they exist or not but we will surely treat you with a great portion of unicorn nails ideas, that is for sure! By the way – do you know that unicorns create rainbows? That is one interesting fact to remember since every time you see a rainbow in the sky you can imagine unicorns flying there.What are unicorn nails? Now, let’s have a closer look at what we have got here, who knows maybe you will get inspired that you will run to the nail artist straight away!


Galaxy Unicorn Nails

If you can’t choose between two trends – just combine them. The killer combo of unicorn and galaxy nails is the beautiful example to support the point.


Unicorn Nails with Dots

Unicorn nail art is popular due to many reasons, but one thing is for sure it always looks magical. Just look at these cute nails – wouldn’t you fall in love with these art designs?

Gentle Unicorn Nails

You do not need to take your unicorn manicure over the edge in most cases. Sometimes all you need is a nice unicorn image in combination with some light polish!


Unicorn Nails with Stars

Pastel nails is on the edge of popularity these days that is why you can easily kill two birds with one stone – follow up the trend and succeed with unicorn nail design!

Stickers Unicorn Nails

The nude base is lightly touched by beautiful unicorn image, there is nothing too daring and out of place about it.


Unicorn Colors Nails Art

This easy unicorn art is perfect in its simplicity, what do you think?

3-D Unicorn Nails Art

The best way to make your nail art stand out is to add some 3-D patterns to it. This lovely unicorn pattern is surely not to go unnoticed no matter where you are headed!

Fairytale Unicorn Nail Deign

Those of you who are skilled in drawing on the nails may come to liking this particular idea. The thing is that you do not need to limit your imagination and anything on the scale from castles to unicorns can be involved in your mani!


Cute Pink Nails With Unicorn Art

Covering your pink nails unicorns fully may be a challenge for some of us, but it’s a cute mani./p>

We hope these unicorn nails ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!