The Internet, along with all the trending fashionistas and celebrities, keeps on hinting that long nails are the best to reflect your persona and style. All the fuss around stylish stilettos and daring ballerina nails leave some of you wondering – Can you get gel nails on short nails? The simplest answer would be – sure, you can! However, there is more to the topic than meets the eye. The fact is that short gel nails are amazingly versatile and fun to experiment with. If you are looking for the best ideas to pull off this season, you will find them all listed below!


Single-Tone Short Gel Nails

The variety of blue shades is exhaustive, and at times, it gets challenging to pick the next hue for your stylish mani. However, if you are interested in something on the brighter side of black, dark royal blue is precisely what you may need.

White is a symbol of purity and innocence. If you are not a bride-to-be, you may decide to keep away from the shade. Yet, the speed at which milky-white tones are gaining popularity can’t go unnoticed. Such a nail design will suit the most formal of environments along with the most casual.

Those who are all about trendy short gel nails that are a notch daring must pay attention to emerald greens. The depth and the definition of the color are hard to coat in words. Yet, the overpowering feeling of strength and courage is what they are programmed to introduce into your life.


Two-toned Hands with Short Gel Nails

The beauty of the modern generation lies in the fact that you are the one who decides upon the borders to set up. If you want to experiment with different colors coating either hand – go for it. You can use a matching pattern to unite the manicure as a whole.

At times it may be a challenge to decide whether too bright or neutral you are willing to go. The benefit of wearing your gel nails short enables you to put to use either idea with no worsening of the look. The balance between hot yellow and negative space nails is gorgeous.

Another idea to pursue while we are on the two-toned nails track would be to match the vibrant hue with an edgy animalistic print. You can use the same bright undercoat while adding the print on top of one hand and leaving the colorful accent of the other exposed.

Lovely Flowers Short Gel Nails

For the longest while, it was taboo to experiment with opposing patterns involved in a single mani. But, times have changed and if you want to pull off floral prints, heart designs and animalistic print in one nail art, this idea will surely point you in the right direction.

There is a popular opinion circling that only long nails can be intricate and insanely vibrant. One look at this nail design, and you will realize that these are nothing but rumors. A few accent nails in a matching color palette will help you achieve the goal you pursue.

Natural short gel nails are a great canvas, no matter what some people say. Even if you can’t afford a hand-painted floral pattern, you can always use natural-looking stickers to your great advantage. The result will pleasantly surprise you.


Trendy Abstract Gel Nails

Abstract nail art isn’t for all, and that is the fact. However, the conceptual nail design with different types of ladies’ parts depicted fits only a select few personas. So, which category do you think you belong to – critics or fans?

For most people, abstract art is confusing. Thus, all they can do is deny its beauty. However. The magnificent combo of patterns and colors can create an illusion of anything that comes to your mind. as long as it makes you happy, you are bound to give it a try!

There are different types of abstract art since there are no rules and boundaries to stick to. If you want to add a bit extra 3D effect to the picture – go for it, girl. Should there be a dormant artist in you, this nail design will surely wake it up!

Short Gel Nails with Foil Pattern

No matter the fancy base you choose, it may seem like something is still missing. In times like this, you can think about famous foil patterns and top them with leafy designs. Worry not. There is barely anything that can take your mani over the edge.

If you think that gel short nail designs involving foil are all utterly abstract, here’s some geometry to take hold of. It is mesmerizing how all the shades seem to melt into one another without violating the strict borders.

The accent nail is what many women use to spice their manicures up. If you belong to the category, then a matte black polish adorned with a fantastic-looking gold foil is what you should give a try to. The season and the dress code won’t seem to interfere since the look is classy is reserved.


Not Classic French Gel Nails

French mani has been trending for decades now, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, the room for experimentation with the idea does not seem to stop growing. If a simple ombre is too classy, try a shattering black ombre to add some drama to your look.

Surely, not every woman wants any more drama in her life, and that is where colorful designs come in knocking on your doors. But, you don’t have to give in to the temptation entirely. All it takes are juicy tips to emphasize your mood, no more, no less.

It’s incredible how utterly different gel manicure ideas can be even within the limits of traditional French art. The double-toned half-French tip looks gentle yet extraordinary. Thus, every unique and one-of-a-kind woman has something special to choose from without deviating from the dress code.

Short gel nails are not only trendy, but they are also practical and versatile. All it takes is to finalize in which order you are going to try the mentioned ideas out!