Flawless Gel Nails At Home Created On Your Own


It is not a secret to anyone that gel manicure has been trending for a while now. It is true that there are many benefits that such a mani comes with but there may be a downside – it is pretty costly, and not everyone can afford it on a regular basis. That is why many women started to aim at achieving gel nails at home, however, not every attempt is successful if you do not have a proper guide at hand. As you may have already guessed that is what we are going to help you master today – how to do your gel nails at home like a pro!


Gel Nails At Home – What To Start With

When you decide that doing gel nails at home is the best possible option for you, there are a couple of things you need to consider. Apart from getting all the production necessary, and today it is easier than easy since gel nails at home kit types are available almost everywhere, you need to prepare your working place. However, we are going to list all the products required for complete gel manicure:

  • UV or LED lamp, make sure it is plugged in
  • Primer
  • Base coat nail polish
  • Color nail polish
  • Top coat nail polish
  • Gel cleanser
  • Orange stick
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Clean-up brush

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Step #1 It is Time To Prepare Your Nails

Now it is time to prepare your nails for the manicure to look flawless.

  1. Wash your hands or even soak them for a while until your cuticles become softer.
  2. Using an orange stick push the cuticles back. This step is vital if you wish your mani to be perfect and long-lasting, not to mention to make your nails look longer.
  3. Now, it is time to shape your finger the shape you want.
  4. After that you need to buff the surface of your nail, so that gel sticks to the surface.
  5. If there is too much residue from filing, you can wash your hands again.
  6. Now wipe your fingers with lint-free wipes and gel cleanser and let them rest for a couple of seconds.

Step #2 Careful Primer Application

The truth is that it is not enough to know how to do gel nails at home, you should also be aware of what type of nails you have. The thing is that after the nail preparation is done you need to apply the primer which will prepare your nails for the further steps, but before doing that you need to figure out whether oily or dry your nails are. The drier your nails are, the less primer you need, keep that in mind. So, have you applied the primer on? Let’s carry on!


Step #3 – Essential Base Coat Application Process

Base coat application is the most important part of the process since the end result depends on it. You need to apply a very thin coat and seal the tips so that your manicure does not chip. Also, it is vital that you do not touch your cuticles or skin on the sides, in case you do – clean it up immediately before curing. Cure it within 30-60 seconds depending on the lamp you have, in most cases the lamp either UV or LED turns off automatically, so that it makes the process even easier for you.

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Step #4 – Color Gel Nail Polish Time

After the base is cured it is time to proceed with the color coating. The truth is that the application of a color coat is quite the same as with the base coat, the only difference lies in the number of coats you put on. The deeper is the color, the more coat you will need to apply. It is vital that you cure every coat properly and do not touch your fingernails in no case! If you wonder how to do gel nails at home without UV light – use LED one, which is equally effective.


Step #5 – Last But Not Least – Top Coat Application

Top coat application is the final step when it comes to your done at home gel nails. You should be as careful with it as you have been with a base coat and color coat when applying it. It should be also mentioned that these days you can experiment with either glossy or matte top coat depending on your preferences. Also, it should be added that if you chose a deep color coat some of it may end up on the top coat brush – do not panic, just wipe the brush after you are finished with the coating.

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Step #6 – Do Not Forget About The Sticky Layer

When you are finished with the top coat, you should remove the sticky layer off your nails, if any. The thing is that there are some no wipe off top coats, if you own one then you should skip the process, if not just use a lint-free wipe and gel cleanser to clean your nails. As simple as that!

Tips And Tricks About Doing Gel Nails At Home Like A Pro

Last but not least, there are a few pieces of advice we would like to share with you so that you become a real gel nail art pro in no time.

  1. Make sure the layers you apply are thin and smooth otherwise it will affect the end result as well as such a manicure won’t last long.
  2. Make sure that the product, any product starting with a base coat and ending with top coat, does not touch the skin. The reasons for that are: the manicure won’t look aesthetic and it won’t last long.
  3. No matter what happens you should never ever pick your nails. of course, it is difficult to resist the temptation but the result of giving in to it will end up in damaged nail plate, and you surely do not want it.

Just follow up these easy tips and you homemade gel manicure will look great and will last long!

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If you want to become a real professional when it comes to doing gel nails at home, then you have come to the right place. We will help you master the process in the easiest and fast way existing. With this guide, you will become a nail art master in no time!

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