Out of all nail shapes, square nails are among the most popular ones, and not for nothing. They allow you to make a bold and edgy impression on anyone who takes a glimpse at your mani. If you want this impression to be long lasting, then you will need some really good nail style ideas. No worries. We got plenty of them here. All you need to do now is to pick out a nail design that appeals to you the most.


Neon Square Nails

Neon shades are back in fashion and we cannot be any happier about it. And if a neon outfit can be a bit tricky to pull off, neon square nails designs are a whole other story. So, do not be afraid to experiment with different colors or patterns. Although neon pink square nails are very popular, this is definitely not your only option.


New Level of Marble Square Nails Designs

A marble manicure has been in fashion for quite a long time and it does not seem to disappear any time soon. Instead, it has set off several new variations, adjusting to modern beauty trends. Check out these stunning marble square long nails, which will tell you this better than a thousand words.

One Tone Square Nails Designs

One of the main benefits of long square acrylic nails is that they are pretty bold and edgy on their own. So, to make your manicure stand out, it does not always have to include elaborate designs or complex patterns. A one tone square nails long manicure is sometimes all you need.


Neutral Square Nails

In case you choose to wear square nails short, you should consider neutral shades. The thing is that short tapered square nails can make your fingers look chunky and short. So that it will not happen, paint your nails any natural shade. In this way, they will look like the extension of your fingers, thus making them appear more slender.

Abstract Square Nails

If you cannot come up with any specific idea for your tapered square nails, an abstract manicure is your surefire way out. It does not require any painting skills so you can even do it yourself. Besides, you are guaranteed to end up with a one of a kind nail style.


French Manicure for Square Nails

If you are a devoted fan of French tip nails, we have a few exciting ideas for you. The thing is that French tip square nails can come in bold shades too, even a glittery tip is a suitable alternative option. And if you are good at drawing, you may want to incorporate intricate patterns and designs into your square French tip nails. Take your pick!

Chrome Pigment Square Nail Art

The addition of the chrome effect to your square shaped nails is always a perfect way to spice things up. The idea is that no matter whether you prefer a gentle or bold manicure, there is still a way to take things even further with the help of chrome pigment, especially considering how many color options you have.

Glitter Accents for Square Nails

There are times when you are in need of a design that is both intricate and simple. In times like these, we suggest you pay your attention to glitter. The fact is that even the tiniest hint of it can make your square shape nails look unique and beautiful.


Magnetic Floral Square Nails

There is barely a woman that wouldn’t like flowers. However, when it comes to floral nail art, some may think it is too feminine and sweet. We say that even floral designs can be over the edge interesting. Even short square nails will look magnificent with the addition of a minimalistic and quite abstract flower.

Rhinestone Accents on Square Nails

The truth is that with the help of a rhinestone pattern you can create a real masterpiece on your long square nails. However, if you prefer square short nails, you can still adorn them with a couple of pretty gems. No matter the base color or the size of a design, such a manicure will always look exquisite. See for yourself!

Lovely Geometric Square Nail Art

Despite the strictness, geometric patterns in nail art can look extremely cute and gentle. Of course, it matters significantly on the base coat you choose. However, if you opt for any of the presented ideas, your square acrylic nails will look sweet and lovely. And do not hesitate to use your imagination to end up with unusual and personalized cute square nails.


Striped Square Nail Shape

The lack of detail does not mean that your square tip nails will look dull and boring. When you mix the hues and the stripes in the right way, it is super easy to create something extraordinary. We think that these few chosen ideas support the point like nothing else.

With square nails, your manicure becomes a real magnet for the eyes. They steal the spotlight wherever you go. And for ultimate boldness, make sure to embellish your mani with one of the fabulous ideas we have selected for you.