27 Beautiful Square Nails Design Ideas You’ll Want to Copy Immediately

Square nails have become very popular nowadays. There are a lot of different colors, combinations, and themes that can be used on these nails. This nail shape looks very neat and elegant. You may try these designs on your nails. We promise that you will admire a square nail shape. Don’t hesitate, just try them immediately!

Fresh Nail Design With Floral Motives

When you are bored of regular floral patterns, it is time you take your manicure to the fantasy level. Just look at this magical and vibrant nail art! The combination of shades is both bright and deep at the same time. We bet you want to replicate it some time soon.

Source: didoline via Instagram

Stylish Purple Marble Nail Art

There is never enough of purple when it comes to your nails. However you should be a master at mixing and matching those purples shades, and we have a perfect idea for you. Everything seems to complete each other in this design!

Source: sveta_sanders via Instagram

Fall In Love With Avocado For More Fun

If you are a lover of fun nail art, you will surely appreciate this design. Aside from spicy cinnamon base, the avocado art can’t leave anyone indifferent, especially the ones who want to cuddle!

Source: just1nail via Instagram

Juicy Watermelon Nail Art

When summer is right around the corner, it is time to think of some proper designs to greet the season. This purple-shaded watermelon nail art may be that one last thing to complete your summery look that you have been missing.

Source: _linitti_ via Instagram

Rainbow Dotticure Nail Design

When you want your nails to look bright but without taking it over the edge – bright dotticure comes is more than useful. This design seems to be both pretty neutral and bright at the same time, and that is what makes it so special.

Source: judyrox via Instagram

Magnetic Summer Sunset Nails

Of course, when the season hit, and we all rush to the beaches, it is time to think about the corresponding manicure. A sunset in combination with pretty palm trees and Ferris wheel may be that perfect idea you have been looking for!

Source: magicallypolished via Instagram

Square Nails With Sparkly Accents

Nail designs for short nails look awesome and fit any dress or situation. Pink nails with bright accents will make your image stunning! Don’t lose such a good opportunity to practice your nail design skills.

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Hand Painted Nail Art Designs

Square nail designs are so amusing and pretty on these pictures. Hopefully, this list will not only give you some charming design ideas, but also motivate you to think up some nail designs on your own.

Source: _Nodzomi_nl_ via Instagram

Source: Nogotok_minsk via Instagram

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Stamping Square Nails Ideas

Turquoise color looks gorgeous on such nails. Don’t hesitate to try these manicure variants! Just be patient and everything will be great. Switch on your creativity.

Source: Gelackmeiert via Instagram

Source: Solo_nails via Instagram

Source: Dakozhan via Instagram

Simple Square Nails Design

These nail design ideas look very elegant with one nail polish color. These variants are very easy to do yourself and great for any occasion whether it is a party or work.

Source: Lacktraviata via Instagram

Source: Lacktraviata via Instagram

Source: Grapefizznails via Instagram

Ombre Nail Art For Square Nails

Dark accents for square nail designs will make your overall look exquisite. These ideas are so easy that they can be done on your own. But if you don’t have much time for your manicure, you may ask your nail design master for help.

Source: Galyaknyazeva via Instagram

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Bright Colorful Square Nail Designs

These bright and colorful nails are for those girls who want to attract some attention to their image. Check out these wonderful ideas, and you will definitely be pleased. Don’t restrict your creativity!

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Gorgeous Square Nail Art With Rhinestones

These gorgeous square nail art ideas will be great for any party. All those rhinestones combinations will definitely impress your friends and relatives.

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Main photo by _Linitti_