Accent Nails: Punch Up Your Mani in 7 Easy Ways

A mani with accent nails has never lost its popularity since its emergence. Some beauty experts do wonder why so but we, fashionistas, hate stuffing our heads with nonsense. Thus, instead of digging into the history of nail art, let’s talk about the present trends. And not only talk but try to create trendy nail designs, as well.

Glitter Accent: What Could Be Easier?

These nice nails have the simplest accents you can imagine – one glittery nail. Even the beginner will succeed in creating such nail design.

Source: merlin_nails via Instagram

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Source: merlin_nails via Instagram

Use Another Color to Accentuate the Ring Finger

If you are not a pro nail artist, you can just accentuate a classic nails design with one fingernail in a different color. Let the difference be striking.

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Upscale Rhinestones Emphasize Your Personality

Adding rhinestones as accents to your manicure will bring that chic vibe you long for. A special mani for a special you.

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Nice Nails With a Simple Design You Can Do by Yourself

Do you like patterns? Great, because patterns never go out: chevron, geometric figures, cute hearts – discover them all but one at a time.

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Accent Nails Looks Fresh and Trendy

Floral and animal prints, as accents, will make your manicure bold and girly, showing how wild you are.

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Classic Nails with Lovely French Tips

Today French manicure designs are nothing but classic which, of course, means that they are more complicated. But it’s not an impossible task for any experienced nail artist.

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Kick Ass Cool Design with Accent on Two Fingers

Why not spread all that fun on several nails? Thus, these accents won’t go unnoticed. Babe, you’ll look hot!

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Main photo by nailsbynemo