Maroon nails are a great way to express your personality. It definitely gives you some sophisticated and mature vibes as it is a darker hue. Maroon is totally in fashion nowadays. And there are several reasons for that. Firstly, it is classic and never goes out of trend. Secondly, there is a ton of designs to match this color and bring out its full potential. But the best part about maroon nails is that it fits basically any skin tone. The thing is that is has a red color in its base and a hue of brown, which makes it darker. And red color flatters absolutely everyone. You will always hit the spot with a red or maroon color for sure. Keep scrolling to find out the best ideas and designs to match maroon color.


Maroon Nails with Golden Accents

The combo of maroon and golden nails never goes out of fashion. And it is not only for holiday season. Maroon color alone is a great statement. But don’t be afraid to add some gold shimmer to it. The main rule here is not to go crazy on gold. It also applies to burgundy nails with gold glitter, the popularity of which is endless.


Matte Maroon Nails

Maroon color nails rarely need much more for them to look special. Sometimes just a matte top and a tiny line of rhinestones are all that is required. A burgundy matte nails adds to the elegance in cold season. Amazing, right?

Maroon Nails with French Manicure

Maroon color with French tip nails are a definition of elegance. Aren’t they? French mani is another eternal thing. It is a great idea to bring this bomb combination of maroon and your fav color to a French manicure. To make your look more creative, opt for a pointed tip shape.


Glitter on Burgundy Nails

Glitter on your nails is super bold and brings sexy vibes. There are some ways to incorporate it into a maroon manicure. You may go to take nude nail design and add a print with finish on the top. In this way, you will get a fabulous mani which is totally appropriate for a day to day wear.

Long Nails Designs In Burgundy Colors

Any art works great with marron shades. Especially if you decide to have a long nails. Some intricate pattern over deep maroon nails gives you the impression of something hidden deep within it. You’d better solve the mystery!


Maroon Nails with Foil Designs

The foil is one of the trendiest nail embellishments nowadays. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are definitely missing out. This design looks brilliant on burgundy nails. The best solution for the maroon base would be to go for foil details rather than full foil on nails. Subtle nails with gold foil remind us of some sophisticated stone or marble. This design guarantees that your maroon nail art will be a center of attention.

Flowers for Maroon Color Nails

There is nothing more feminine than flower nail designs, it’s a fact. So, why not decorate your everyday burgundy manicure with a tiny floral pattern? Looks cute and girly!

Ombre Nails Designs in Maroon Shade

Black and maroon are one of the best color combos for many reasons. First of all, black brings out deep undertones in maroon color. Second of all, they blend nicely with each other creating a smooth and seamless gradient effect. Thus, why don’t you take advantage of it and adorn your mani using the ombre technique in maroon and black color? You will be surprised how versatile it is though, as you can play around with the direction of ombre application, nail polish finishes as well as accents and adornments.

Maroon nails or burgundy nail color is a shade of red and will look so perfect on your everyday manicure!


  • Burgundy and Maroon Nail Design Ideas are getting more and more popular.