Healthy and strong nails are a clear sign that you are in perfect health, and there is nothing to worry about. on the contrary, brittle and weak tips indicate that your care routine is incomplete and it requires effective improvement. Do you want to learn how to strengthen nails without going to drastic lengths? You have come to the right place! That is precisely what we will discuss today. The problem is easy to fix when you have the proper means at hand.


How Do You Keep Your Nails Strong And Healthy

If you want to learn how to make nails stronger, you should start by discovering things to do and things to avoid.

How Do You Keep Your Nails Strong And Healthy

Fingernail care do’s

  • Keep your nails dry and clean
  • Opt for frequent manicure sessions
  • Hydrate your tips well
  • Protection is the key

Fingernail care don’ts

  • Stop biting your nails
  • Don’t pick at the cuticles
  • Try not to pull off the hangnails
  • Keep away from harsh care products
  • Treat every potential issue on time


Primary Ways To Strengthen Your Nails

Those of you who wonder ‘how to make my nails stronger’ – a newsflash: there are many routes to take. However, it is best to use most of them as a complex treatment.

Biotin Supplements

One of the primary options how to get stronger nails is to start with the fitting supplement. Biotin is widely known as a mix of vitamins H and B-7. No matter how effective it is, it does not stay in your body for long, and it takes daily consumption to get the desired result in the form of stronger nails. Aside from that, the supplement will positively affect your nervous system, too. In case you don’t want to take it as a supplement, you can add the following foods to your menu:

  • Sardines
  • Cooked eggs
  • Legumes
How To Make My Nails Stronger

Decreased Water Exposure

This may strike you as a surprise, but the longer your nails are in the water, the weaker they become. No one says that you should say ‘no’ to taking regular baths and going for a swim every now and then. The advice is to wear gloves whenever you do the chores or wash dishes.

Keep Your Hydration Levels Up

While brittle nails may seem like a local issue, that is not always the case. The truth is that if your body is dehydrated, it will give you various signs that you should keep the water intake up, and weak nails come as one of the most common indicators.

Watch Out For What You Eat

A healthy diet is surely the most crucial how to strengthen nails home remedy you should care about. The fewer vitamins and minerals there are in your organism, the weaker it will become all-over, and the nails won’t be the sole sign to pay attention to.

Pay Attention To The Care Routines

You surely know how to take care of your nails but what you may not know is the fact that some nail polishes and other care products can do you more harm than good. This concerns nail polish removers in the first place. There are a plethora of non-toxic nail care products these days, and it is best to spend a little extra on those than deal with the unpleasant consequences.

Take Regular Breaks

No matter how fond of gel or acrylic nails you are, the best way to ensure that your natural nails are strong and healthy is to take a break from color coating the tips. The approach will make nails stronger. There is no doubt about it.

Monitor The Length

Another secret to securing your healthy nails is to trim them regularly. The longer are the tips, the more likely they are to break. Short tips do not chip and crack that easily, and that adds up to the overall health of your fingernails.

Don’t Use Your Tips As Tools

No matter how natural it may feel to pop that soda can open with your tips, you should better not give in to the temptation. Such activities will only intensify the existing conditions and weaken the tips.

Primary Ways To Strengthen Your Tips

Moisturize Well

While you have a dozen different cremes and lotions for your body and face, the one for the nails may not be on the list. However, proper hydration is of crucial importance, especially when you remove the polish. Besides, smearing some lotions all over the tips after washing your hands is a good idea. There is no such thing as too much hydration.

Improve Your Filing Routines

Another surprise awaits you when it comes to nail filing. While you care about the file grit, the way you wield it may decrease the strength of your tips too. Don’t try to file the nails in a back-and-forth direction. Instead, follow the same one until you form the desired shape.

Read The Shampoo Label

Surely, you think that there is little in common between your fingertips and the shampoo. However, in most cases, those shampoos directed at oily manes will dry your hands out along with the scalp. Thus, moisturizing your nails after getting out of the shower should be on the list.

Book A Doctor Visit

There are cases when your nails are still weak and brittle no matter what you do. If that is your case, you should consider paying a doctor a visit ASAP. There may be some hidden conditions that affect the state of your nails, and they should be treated from within to reach the maximum effect.

Your nails can signal about different health issues, but usually, the ineffective care routines lead to weakness and brittleness. If you still don’t know how to strengthen nails, use the mentioned tips to your benefit and watch things change for the better!