How to do Nail Designs at Home Step by Step?

The eternal question how to do nail designs at home has been torturing the minds of women around the globe for decades now. Of course, nowadays we can find thousands of complex tutorials all over the web, but what about something that can really be replicated at home? That is why we decided to supply you with something useful but also beautiful.

How to do Flower Nail Designs at Home?

With the summer here, a creative nail design is something that every lady wants. And what can be more perfect than a floral nail design? Of course, we start with the base coat, then we need to create dark centers of each flower. Now gather all the bright nail polishes you would like to use, and with the help of a dotting tool, go for the petal creation. To make your flowers even fancier, paint the centers in the shape of a star. Finish with a top coat. As you can see, there is nothing complex about this nail art!

Source: SoNailicious via Youtube

Tropical Summer Designs to Do at Home

All the cute nails designs involve pink colors, right? So, start with covering your thumb, pointer finger, and pinkie with a light matte pink color. Then use a chevron shaped tape to create a triangle at the bottom of your nail, while covering the top of it with white. Now paint some palm leaves over your white base: grab the thinnest brush you have and dive in. The plus of this design is that you do not need to make everything look perfect, as have you ever seen the perfect leave? We doubt that! Finish your design with a matte top coat and a gold stud. Voila!

Source: Gabby Morris via Youtube

Neon Rainbow Dotticure Nail Designs

Polka dot designs are fun, there is no doubt about that, but what if we tell you that we can take it to the next level? To start with, you are going to need some five brightest nail polishes you have and a black one. Cover your nails with a white base and create a dotted design with a black nail polish. Spaces that are still free from black dots should be covered in the brightest shades you have at your disposal. Also, you should not worry about the size of each dot – let them be the size they want to be! Finish with the top coat and your summer nails are ready!

Source: Melyne Nailart via Youtube

Nautical Nail Designs to Do at Home

The beach season is here, so why not go for a sailor nail art, right? So, to begin with, you need to apply the base coat. Then add a white base as well as the red one to your nails. Over the red base, you will need to paint a white anchor with the tiny brush. Do not worry as there is nothing complex about this! Now you can add some blue and red lines to your white-based nails. To finish, add some gold studs to the white-based nails and apply the top coat, either glossy or matte, depending on what you like more. Done!

Source: HannahRoxNails via Youtube

Rose Quartz: how to do Nail Designs at Home?

Quartz nails are very trendy these days, and to tell you the truth, this design looks very complex at first glance. But we are here to prove you that this is only an illusion. Here we go – start with a base coat to strengthen your nails. Use light pink nail polish as your base color. With the help of a small brush and white polish create as many imperfect lines as you can, going in any direction, as you like. Now blur the lines and add one more coat of pink to create the resemblance of quartz. Another addition of tiny white lines, and your design is ready! Do not forget about the top coat, of course!

Source: Сutepolish via Youtube

Main photo by Сutepolish