Sage green nails are a new classic. This elegant muted nail color is considered universally flattering and acceptable, just like a nude manicure. Thanks to this, you can create a wide variety of breathtaking nail designs and styles, from simple and elegant to intricate and kitschy. So that you do not have to look for inspiration elsewhere, we have selected the most amusing sage green nail ideas below. Now all you need to do is to pick out the one that appeals to you most.


Sage Nails With Glitter Accent

Who does not like a good sparkle in their mani? Since the color of sage green nails is subdued and low key, you are free to accentuate them with glitter without worrying that it would look gaudy. As such, even the shiniest accents will most likely come out stylish and chic but not over the top. So, whenever you need to look your best to the tips of your fingers, a sage green manicure embellished with glitter is your sure bet. Getting it guarantees that your nails will be in the center of attention, as all you have to do to bedazzle everyone around is to just move your hands.

Not sure what glitter color and size to choose? First, decide what effect you want to achieve with your mani. If you are leaning toward something reserved and sophisticated, consider sage green French tip nails with glitter instead of color. In case you are up to a bold and flashy nail design, then you can accentuate several fingertips with sparkles while painting the rest of the nails sage green. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that your manicure will look out of this world.


Simple Sage Green Nails

If you think that sage green look plain and boring, we are here to prove the opposite. Not only does it flatter almost all skin tones but it also suits any ambiance and matches every outfit. No wonder it is a go to nail style for thousands of women worldwide. So, in case you are looking for a manicure idea that would work for everyone and everywhere, you can never go wrong with simple green nails.

Besides, this beautiful earthy color does not distract attention from your edgy nail shape. That is basically one of the reasons why coffin sage green nails are so popular. As the shape of the nail is so daring, sage green makes it look sophisticated and elegant. Another popular manicure style is sage green almond nails. Since they are so neat and classy, they may look appropriate even in the office environment.

Sage Nails With Other Colors

As a rule of thumb, choosing a matching color for green nails may be a daunting task. But this does not apply to a sage green manicure. Since it contains a neutral gray undertone, there is hardly a shade that does not match it. Thus, you are free to accompany your sage green mani with any color you wish, from yellow and pink to red and purple. Cannot decide on the combo? If you prefer a delicate manicure, go for pastels and light shades. For a more impactful nail style, choose deep and flamboyant colors. And if you want to take your mani to the next level, sage green ombre nails are a failsafe option.


Matte Sage Green Nails

An easy yet surefire way to give your manicure a luxurious flair is to add a matte finish to it. This is the case when nails not only look amazing but are also very nice to touch. As matte sage green nails have a mossy feel, they are totally in line with current trends on earthy tones. But this does not mean that you can only wear an all out color with a velvet top coat. The trick is that a matte finish will make your manicure coordinated. So, you are welcome to experiment with different colors or even textures.

Sage Nails With Bright Accents

When you are in the mood for a pop of color yet do not want to cheat on your all time favorite sage manicure, place bright accents on one or two nails and you are all set. In addition to giving your mani definition and boldness, incorporating vivid colors works wonders for sage green acrylic nails, as it brings out flamboyant undertones in them. All those golds, pinks, oranges and blues pair beautifully with a sage nail color. Moreso, if you feel like you will be able to pull it off, you can even try to mix a whole rainbow in one manicure.


Sage Nails With Art

You can also try a sage green nails design, as the pale grayish green base makes up a perfect canvas for your creative ideas. Even if you are not particularly good at painting, keep it simple. Dots, stripes and simple geometric shapes do not require artistic skills. Just a little practice and you may end up with the most incredible manicure design. Do not be surprised if everyone asks to take a closer look at it so that they could recreate it later. Yet, should you feel like getting something more elaborate, it is better to entrust this task to your nail tech. With their help, you will be able to bring to life almost anything that fires your imagination.

Dark Sage Green Nails

Although originally sage green nails are rather fair and pale, if you prefer deeper manicure colors, you can still hop on trend. There are plenty of dark sage shades that you can apply to your nails, such as olive, avocado, mossy, evergreen and suchlike. While they are suitable for any nail shape and length, they are most complimentary for short natural nails. Keep in mind that if you find the color you love but you are afraid that the manicure would turn out too dark and pronounced, you can always balance it out by introducing a classic pastel sage green.

Sage green nails have been in fashion for quite a while now. The color is so eye pleasing and attractive that it cannot leave anyone indifferent. As you can tell, you will not be limited in nails style options if you go for a sage manicure. We believe our guide has convinced you of how unbelievably versatile this color is. And we expect you to find a sage green nail idea that speaks to you most here.