30 Gorgeous French Nail Designs


French nail designs have been popular in the nail art fashion industry for a long time. The words ‘French’ or ‘Paris’ have always been associated with fashion. Many women are fond of French manicure. Some of them want to look classic, others are eager to get such a nail design that will suit any occasion. They make the right choice, as that is all that characterizes French manicure. This nail design suits any clothes you wear and is always all the rage.
But, in the first place, what should a French manicure look like? Being two-colored, it usually features the shades that mimic your natural nails, namely pink nail beds and white tips. However, many modern takes on French mani employ other shades as well. The most important part of the manicure is the tip of the nails, which has to look perfect. The design looks elegant, effortless and simple. Here you will find more than 30 ideas of this nail design.


Classic French Manicure Ideas

French manicure ideas are versatile, that is why women wear them for weeks and don’t worry about changing their nail styles.

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French Designs for Short Nails

If you think that French nails should necessarily be long, we are here to prove you wrong. You can pull off this mani design on pretty short nails too. Even if your nails do not have a free end, you can still draw a narrow line on the tip of your nail. In this way, your French manicure will look modest and refined but no less gorgeous.

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Colorful French Nail Designs

Did you know that French manicure designs are extremely versatile? Depending on the color and pattern you choose, you can adjust your mani to suit both casual and formal ambiance. Whether to go for a multicolored nail design or opt for a single shade is up to you. Yet, you can rest assured that your French nail design will not go unnoticed.

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The French Line Nail Designs

If you want to give your French manicure a really unusual and intricate twist, try out this trendy take on the classic design. To pull it off, you need to outline your tips with the lines without filling them with color or duplicate the line above your tips. This French nails design comes out eye-catching and edgy regardless of what colors you are going to choose.

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Beautiful Nail Designs for Long Nails

French tip nail designs also look beautiful and stunning on long nails. The nude, cream, pink and beige hues are among the most popular colors for French manicure.

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French Nail Designs with Glitter

French nails can be combined with glitter polish and make your look more glamorous. You can wear it on a wedding or New Year’s party.

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Soft Flower French Nail Designs

If you ask your nail master to add some soft flowers to your French nail art, you will definitely look more feminine and romantic.

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Awesome French Tip Nail Designs

Look at this cheery and awesome little French tip! The nails are accented with a sweet and simple stud design.

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Gorgeous French Nail Designs

Stand out with this nude and rhinestone French tip combination. Based with nude colors, the nails are then tipped with white polish. Additional studs accents are seen on top of the nails.

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Stunning French Nail Designs

Enjoy these stunning French nails. Looking very cute and artsy, the nails are coated with a nude base and tipped with white polish with stunning studs on top.

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French nail designs will arguably never go out of fashion. They offer a wide range of different options for every taste. We believe that with our guide, you will not have any difficulty choosing your next mani style.

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  • The French tip dates as far back as the 18th century. See the new ways to wear a French manicure right now. Source
  • French nail designs represent some of the most classy nail art styles. Source