21 New and Elegant Designs for French Nails You Will Want to Try ASAP!

French nails are always classy and elegant. Whether it’s for an everyday look or a formal occasion, fresh style nails are always in!

If you are looking for new ideas for French tip nails, look no further. We have gathered some of our favorite stylish and elegant French nail art designs into a gallery for you to choose your favorites. You can even do some of them at home. If you aren’t blessed with a flair for nail art, simply pin your faves and show them to your nail stylist!

We hope you love these enchanting designs for French manicure as much as we do! French mani had been around since about the eighteenth century but made a huge comeback in the new millennium! With all of the fun new twists and details, the possibilities for a sexy French mani are endless!

Chic and Stylish Designs for Elegant French Nails

1. Boxy & Black

With its boxed out white base, this gorgeous black and grey mix is a fun twist on the French nails!

Source: Mpnails via Instagram

2. Black Side Stripe

This look is totally sophisticated for those with longer nails. Simply paint your nail red and then add a sexy black stripe down one side of the nail for a totally glamorous effect.

Source: Livelovepolish via Facebook

3. Lovely Lace

This delicate lacy look almost looks like fishnet stockings but what makes it elegant is the dainty white tips. All you need is a lace stamping tool and some white nail polish.

Source: Ladyandthe_stamp via Instagram

4. Midas Touch

This look is totally classy, with its white base and glittery gold tips!

Source: Kimiko7878 via Instagram

5. Classy Ombre

This gorgeous nude to white ombre is stunning and can be easily achieved with a simple makeup sponge.

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

6. Double French Mani

This look is perfect for a party girl. Simply paint a thin aqua half moon around the nail bed and another half moon on the tips for a stunning double French mani!

Source: Polished Polyglot

7. Golden Gray

For a futuristic look, this gray marble with golden tips is totally out of this world!

Source: Furiousfiler via Instagram

8. Purple and White Ombre

Purple and white nails are always stylish but we really love this transparent to purple to ombre tip French mani!

Source: Polishedtwins via Instagram

9. Pretty Pastels

This pretty pastel base with golden accents is absolutely gorgeous!

Source: Pinselpoesie via Instagram

10. Checkmate

We love these black and white checkered French tips with the black base!

Source: Kerruticles via Instagram

11. Red Hot Mama

You’ll be hot to trot with these fiery red tips on a glossy base!

Source: Thenailtrail via Instagram

12. Daring Diagonal

We love this fun take on the French mani with bold diagonal stripes, alternating nail beds and tips!

Source: Kimiko7878 via Instagram

13. Double Stripes

This elegant French mani, with stunning black tips and an underlying white stripe on a colorful base, is totally chic and stylish.

Source: Nailsannagorelova via Instagram

14. Sparkly Silver Tips

This sparkly silver tip will sparkle like gemstones in the sunlight!

Source: Nailsannagorelova via Instagram

15. Glitter & Stripes

This look is stunning, with its thick black tip and shiny glitter ombre scattered on a nude nail base.

Source: Pshiiit

16. Rainbow French Tips

With the shiny silver base and rainbow colored tips, these nails are perfect for summer!

Source: Maryam Maquillage

17. Mirrored Effect

These half moons on both the tips and the nail base are a perfect reflective look for an elegant French mani.

Source: SoNailicious

18. Lovely Lines

With its delicate white tips and a thin white strip halfway down a nude nail base, this simple but elegant take on the traditional French mani is stunning.

Source: Mpnails via Instagram

19. Neon Nails

This simple nude base with bright neon tips is fun for a bold summer look!

Source: Ania_colorforever via Instagram

20. Chrome Chic

We love this black matte base with a chrome ruffian half moon at the base of the nail bed for an ultra-chic vibe!

Source: Karengnails via Instagram

21. Swirly Tips

This take on the French nail art, with its swirled black and pink tips, is totally delicate and ideal for any occasion!

Source: Yagala via Instagram

Have you totally fallen in love with these awesome designs for French nails as much as we have? Remember to pin your favorites so that you can do these fun French manis anytime!

Main photo by SoNailicious