Every lady wants herself a set of flawless fancy nails when heading to the salon or doing her nails at home. However, sometimes the picture of the perfect mani we have doesn’t really meet reality, or, at worse, simply look outdated. The thing is, nail art trends don’t still – what was trendy yesterday is a no-no for today. Of course, we don’t have in mind nail designs only: the same goes for nail shapes.


That’s why it’s essential for modern women to stay up to do date with the latest twists showing up in the nail industry. To cut the long story short, we’ve created this ultimate gallery of the hottest nail art designs and shape choices. If you want to get inspired for your next design, why not pick it out of the trendiest ideas? Dive in!

Fancy Nails With Accents

It is extremely difficult to choose between numerous nail art designs, especially if you do not have anything particular in mind. That is why we decided to introduce to your attention a set of accent manicure ideas. The trick about accent nail is that it will add up some charm without going over the edge. What is more, you will not find a better option to suit all the occasions to attend. Check it out!


Fancy Metallic French Tips Nails

There are times when you are all about fancy nails designs, but you need to take occasion ahead into consideration. Of course, classy nails are always trendy but wearing the same mani becomes boring after a while. That is why we suggest you a perfect upgrade to regular French tip. What we have in mind are metallic tips instead usual white ones. You will definitely agree that this is the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, won’t you?

Fancy Nails With Brightly Color Blocking

Sassy nails are not always bound to be bright but when you combine bold shades with edgy designs the outcome most certainly will be outstanding. That is why we suggest you opt for geometric or abstract patterns to achieve that goal. Yet, in case bright is not your cup of tea – pastel and neon shades when mixed with geometric designs look not less appealing!


Fancy Nails Designs Using Stripes

Among all the modern nails minimalistic designs are quite trendy. The thing is that not everyone can afford a visit to a salon by easy nail art designs for beginners step by step are more than helpful. There is no doubt that you will succeed with any of these lovely striped nail art ideas. Besides, they look gorgeous in their simplicity!

Half Moon Fancy Nails

Fancy nails are not only about the nail polish. The design matters greatly, but when you are tired of all the trends – it is time to experiment. That is why we have gathered here these intriguing half-moon designs, as you can see you can mix and match everything, starting with the color and ending with the design!


Straight Lines for Fancy Nails Designs

There is nothing more stylish and fashionable than a combination of simple shapes and bright colors. So, pay attention to these cool simple nail designs.

Fancy Nails With Dots

To create lovely nails on your own is easier than easy. All you need to do is to involve some dots and your imagination. When you switch your imagination on you can end up with lots of creative ideas using just a dotting tool. We have gathered here just a few examples to inspire you, we hope you like it!

Galaxy Fancy Nails Art

Sometimes it seems that all the fancy nail art images are something that is completely out of your reach. But we say that fancy nails pictures are a lot easier to recreate than you may have thought. What is more, we rush to inform you that apart from galaxy nails being on the edge of popularity they will look even trendier when combined with ultraviolet shades, which are considered to be the perfect shade of 2022!


Tribal Fancy Nails Art Designs

Intricate tribal motifs on your nails will suit not only the style of Boho. We give you several variants of this design, which you will undoubtedly like to wear.

Transfer Foil Easy Fancy Nail Design

We know that mani plays a huge role not only in the way a woman looks but also in the way she feels. For that reason, we’re constantly updating this gallery with the trendiest and freshest nail art ideas for creative and stylish modern ladies. In case you like these nail designs, don’t forget to share them and come back any time you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next mani.