21 Cool Nail Designs for You to Try

Looking for some cool nail designs to impress your girlfriends? Look no further, as we have found some of the most trendy nail art designs that are all the rage right now!

Whether you want sexy styles, elegant nail art, or cute nails, we have something for everyone!

From easy nail designs to more polished styles, we have put together a list of ultra modern and chic designs that we know you’ll just love. If you don’t think you can pull them off yourself, you can ask your nail stylist to help you out. Or, maybe one of your girlfriends? Why not have a Girls Night in and invite your besties over for a night of mani/pedi, junk food, and movies!

Check out these 21 cool nail designs and don’t forget to pin your favorites so that you can try them all!

Cool Nail Designs with Deathly Hallows

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you’ll love this HP nail art with pretty black Deathly Hallows symbols.

Source: NailedItByChelsey via Etsy

Gumdrop Nails

These nails are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The sparkly alternating colors look just like gum drops!

Source: Workplaypolish via Instagram

Frozen Nail Art

Every girl wants to be Elsa from Frozen. These pretty shimmer blue nails with white frosty pattern are a perfect tribute to the popular Disney princess!

Source: Victoria_nails_samara via Instagram

Cool Nail Designs Sparkly Studs

If you love silver, these shiny silver ring nail and deep blue polish with silver gemstones are sophisticated and just a bit edgy.

Source: Nailsbyjema via Instagram

Sexy Chevron

These white and golden glitter designs take Chevron to a new level for a super sexy look.

Source: Nails_by_erin via Instagram

Mod Mani for Short Nails

These black and white checkered nails with black and white polka dots are super trendy. And perfect for those who prefer shorter nails.

Source: 20nailstudio via Instagram

Polished Pearls

These shiny black half moons are pretty elegant, but add on some 3-D pearl accents for a look that’s stylish and chic.

Source: So_nailicious via Instagram

Pastel Roses with a Pop

These pretty pastel nails with a single stud are classy on their own, but the colorful roses on the accent finger give it a brilliant burst of color.

Source: Nblacquer for Nailpolis

Hip Houndstooth Nails

If you love black and white nail art, you’ll love this ultra-mod houndstooth design that looks especially stunning on shorter nails.

Source: Carinne.owidia via Instagram

Glittery Goth

These sparkly red and black nails are super sexy, but add on some skull and crossbones for a dark and edgy vibe.

Source: Nuthin’ but a Nail Thing

Starry Skies

Black nails are so stylish, but these sparkly moon and stars make this look out of this world!

Source: Banicured_ via Instagram

Rainbow Bandanas

We love rainbow nails, but they look even prettier with cute white paisley designs on top.

Source: Nails.by.teens via Instagram

Rainbow Spots

This fun take on rainbow nails is ultra-modern with its black base and rainbow polka dot designs.

Source: Musica Xfavor

Rubik’s Cube Nail Art

This retro-80’s look is so much fun with its throwback to the ever-popular Rubik’s Cube!

Source: Karissabianco

Gorgeous Gingham Nails

This look is so retro and chic with its pretty white and purple Gingham pattern.

Source: Banicured_ via Instagram

Bow-tiful Pink Nails

These pretty pink nails are stunning, but when you add a shiny white bow to the accent finger, it makes this feminine chic look twice as nice!

Source: Gabbysnailart via Instagram

Crazy Caviar

These colorful caviar nails are super-trendy right now and look great on short or long nails!

Source: Iloveyou432 via Instagram

Converse Nails

If you love Converse sneakers, you’ll flip for this fun colorful Converse nail art!

Source: Freshnailsxo for Nailpro

Monster Mash

With their black base and neon villain silhouettes, these nails are perfect for Halloween.

Source: Nails.by.teens via Instagram

Newspaper Nails

Here is another fun look for shorter nails. Paint your favorite color as a base and then use strips of newspaper to leave an imprint on your nails. You’ll certainly be keeping up with the times with these trendy nails!

Source: Nailingtons

Red Lace

Lace nails are classy and elegant, but these red lacy designs on a nude base are a bit racy if you want a sultrier vibe!

Source: Kerruticles via Instagram

We are so in love with these cool nail designs! We hope you are as anxious to try them out as we are!

Main photo by So_nailicious