Easter nails are the cutest ones among the rest of the spring ideas. There are so many different designs that are popular for Easter Sunday. We have covered the best nail art in this article for your inspiration. But do not worry, there are a lot of designs among them that every girl can easily repeat at home.


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Cute Bunny or Rabbit Easter Nail Art Ideas

We consider that you definitely should pay attention to the designs with the bunny or rabbit image. After all, where can we go without him on this holiday! You can decorate only one nail, depicting a hare on it, and it’s ready – you and your manicure are completely ready for the celebration.


Easter Egg Nails

Another suitable idea is to turn your nails into Easter eggs! Choose a pastel or white lacquer as a base, and then draw bright patterns – these can be lines, zigzags, dots – anything you want. Use several colors to make your acrylic easter nails even more interesting.

Chicken Easter Acrylic Nails

And what do you think of the idea of nails with the Easter Chicken? Just imagine! They look really cute! If you are not against this style, you should definitely try them, especially as it is not difficult to repeat such designs yourself at home!


Last Minute Easter Nail Designs

Is there really no time left for your Easter nails? No problem! We are here to help you. There is a very simple way to decorate your nails in just five minutes – color your nails with multicolored pastel varnishes and, then, add a few small dots with black or dark brown varnish.

Chevron Easter Nails

If you are not eager to have too pretentious design, notice that you can add a festive mood simply by making an ombre in pastel colors and adding a white chevron pattern nails.


Pastel Rainbow Easter Color Nails

Pastel colors perfectly match the Easter holiday! Admit that nothing is able to convey the spring mood even better but a tender ombre on your nails. And, of course, it can always be supplemented with flowers or other nice drawings.

Spring Easter Flowers Nail Designs

If you do not want to focus on the classic Easter nails, but you are eager to add some spring notes to your manicure, it is advisable to pick up something from simple, but elegant designs with spring flowers.

Polka Dots Art For Easter Nails

Another way to make a spring manicure easily and simply is Polka dots! This design looks always cute, and at the same time clarified.

We hope that the ideas of nail designs from our article will be useful to you! We are waiting for you again to share even more inspiration!