China Glaze Nail Polish: Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Collection Review

China Glaze nail polish is that brand that is popular among all the nail art addicts. It does not matter whether you are a professional or just the beginner it is inevitable that you have at least one or even a couple of these marvelous nail polishes in your collection. That is why we rush to get you to know about the miraculous fall/winter china glaze collection! We must admit that the choice of colors is impressive as usual, but this time it is safe to say that that have outdone themselves! Well, enough of talking, let us get our journey started! We are sure that there is not a chance of you leaving without picking something special for you here!

Matte ‘Haute Blooded’ China Glaze Nail Polish

China Glaze nail polish colors are all pretty much extraordinary, but this blood red one with matte effect to it is simply breath-taking. We are sure that those of you who are addicted to red hues will surely appreciate this one. What makes it so unique besides the matte effect is the shimmery consistency. What is more, this is that one nail polish that requires only one coat, and it looks absolutely hot! Of course, you can add a second coat, but in most cases, there is no need to do that. Besides, if you are open to experimentation, you can add a glossy coat of top coat to come up with another entirely magnificent result!

Source: chinaglazeofficial via Instagram

Shimmery ‘Swatch Out!’ To Get A Perfect Fall Mani

There is something unique about copper shades, especially when it comes to autumn. It turns out that China Glaze took that into consideration and added a beautiful shimmery rusty shade to their collection. The truth is that it may seem at first glance that there is nothing special about the shade but when you apply it to your nails, you will see the magic happen. There are only two coats required, and you are ready to go!

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‘Throwing Suede’ – Ideal Autumn Nude Shade

Nude shades are trending no matter the season outside, that is true. However, when fall hits you need something special to deviate from the summer brightness. It turns out that China Glaze nail polish Throwing Suede is exactly that one shade that may be still missing from your collection. Among all the nail colors, this one seems to be a match made in heaven between pink and white hues. The pink tint is so light that it is barely there, but it still makes the difference. That is why if you are looking for something extremely gentle and feminine to greet the holidays – that would be a shade to try out!

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‘Play It Fashion Forward’ – Purple Highest Level Shade

Rejoice all the fans of shimmery nail polishes! The thing is that this purple-shaded shimmery nail polish from the new collection is anything but ordinary. Apart from the sparkly purple itself, this nail polish contains also specks of rusty and coppery shaded which make a perfect union together. Just two coats of this nail polish and you will sparkle like a queen!

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Welcome Fall Season With Metallic ‘Chic Happens’ Shade

This time China Glaze decided to combine two trends in one, and they succeeded with the creation of something extremely beautiful and outstanding. If you are a fan of metallic shades, then you will surely appreciate this silver metallic nail polish, which will make any manicure look simply other-worldly without being too bold or bright!

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Matte ‘Pleaser Weather’ Shade For Everyday Wearing

It is true that not everyone is equally fond of bright or bold shades and China Glaze takes it into consideration. This new collection contains a satin matte shade which is very opaque but nonetheless gorgeous. If you are a fan of pastel shades and matte tops – these things are combined in this beautiful grey nail polish from the Fall/Winter collection. This satin shade will never look out of place no matter where you are headed to – your office or a birthday party.

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‘Vest Friends’ – Greenish Gray Shade For Real Bold Ladies

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose between two shades, especially if they are both bold and pretty. This time China Glaze made a choice for you – they combined green and grey shades to come up with an absolutely outstanding shade that will take any nail art to a completely new level. What is more, a shimmery effect adds up to its charm so that it is clearly difficult to rest, if you know what we mean!

Source: chinaglazeofficial via Instagram

‘Central Parka’ Color To Get Ready For The Upcoming Season

China Glaze nail lacquer collection is simply mesmerizing in its versatility and we never seem to seize admiring it. This time we are going to present to your attention the swampy green Central Parka shade. What makes this color so special is the subtleness of green color. Not always there is a possibility to paint your nails bright green, right? In times like these, you can simply use this gorgeous shade, which takes only two coat to look exquisite and enjoy the greenish autumnish vibe. As simple as that!

Source: chinaglazeofficial via Instagram

‘Sample Sizing Me Up’ China Glaze Nail Polish To Imitate The Sky

When it comes to blue shades, it may seem that they are entitled to sunny seasons like summer or spring. However, one look at this new blue-shaded nail polish from China Glaze will change your mind. The thing is that this blue shade is certainly different from all the other. To start with it has that dusty tint that makes it look more neutral than bright, seconds of all there is more to this hue than just blue if you look at it long enough you will observe the purple and even green tint to it, and that is what makes it so special and magnetic!

Source: chinaglazeofficial via Instagram

‘You Don’t Know Jacket’ – Gorgeous Shade Of Inky Blue

It is not a secret to anyone that every collection needs its perfect blue shade and China Glaze fall/winter collection is not the exception. To tell you the truth they came up with the stunning navy blue nail polish that will conquer the hearts of those who are in love with the darker side. In case you do not trust us – see for yourself!

Source: jessc1113 via Instagram

‘Aut-umm I Need That’ For Royal Burgundy Manicure

China Glaze colors list is extremely vast and versatile, no one can argue with that. However, for this collection, they used all of their imagination and came up with something beyond extraordinary. The thing is that from the first glance the Aut-umm nail polish looks like a regular holographic one but when you switch to the application you won’t be able to stop admiring it since it turns out to be a rich burgundy shade with dozens of gold specks to it. The more coats you add up, the darker and the deeper the color will become. One look at it and you are in love forever!

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‘Mustard The Courage’ To Warm Up Your Fall Mood

Who says that fall is all about dull shades? China Glaze says that autumn is a season to look bright and fun but with just a little change to the shading. What we have in mind is that they come ups with this gorgeous mustard shade which is, in fact, a duller shade of bright yellow. Just two coats of this nail polish and you are ready to rock and roll since there is no way you will go unnoticed with such a manicure!

Source: chinaglazeofficial via Instagram

Today we have reviewed the freshest China Glaze nail polish collection, and we must say that it is absolutely mind-blowing.

In case you wonder how long does China Glaze nail polish last it is safe to say that a week is the least, however you need to make sure that you are adding a top coat so that your nails are protected, and the durability is increased.

As for China Glaze drying time, we must warn you that each coat dries out within 3,5 minutes, it may seem too slow, but the result will surely be worth it, especially with colors like these!

Main photo by Jessc1113