Cat nails designs are the ones that you can`t miss trying. Why? Cute, creative and colorful, they will light up your mood every time you look down to your hands. We have a great collection of different ideas that will for sure suggest you something you will prefer in the end. Are you ready to get inspired? Then look through our post.


Simon’s Cat Design Nails

A famous Simon’s cat has blown up the Internet making all of the followers love him. Why don`t you use him to bring some cuteness to your nails? Basic nails with little cat`s inspired designs will make your heart melt every time you notice them.


Wonderful Avocado Cat Nails Designs

Hello Kitty is the most famous cat in the world. Every person knows her so why don`t you choose this little cat for your nail design idea? Put on a bright pink color and add a cute kitty on top with some tiny lines to go with the white.

Nude Mani With A Black Cat

For those ladies who prefer classy designs, we have the one that will for sure bring in something new into your routine. Add a black cat to the white or nude base and make a accents on the finger.


Nails With A Cat Puzzle Design

Colorful nails are still considered to be the trendiest, so why don`t we add a little hint to make them look more special? A cat muzzle design will be looking so great, especially if your nails are square. Definitely try this next time.

Stamping Cat Nails Designs

Add little stamping details on this pastel shade referring to the cat theme, and we are sure that your nails will be looking bomb.


Matte Nails With A Cat Accent

Some people matte nails themselves are enough. However, we don`t think that adding a little cat design will be a mistake. Choose colors that will be going well together and make your nails look perfect.

Colorful Nails With Cat Accents

What can bring more summer atmosphere than colorful nails? This catchy nails they will be a great sign of the upcoming summer holiday.

White Nails With A Cat Stamping Decor

Put on a white color and stamp on little cat things that you associate with this little pet. Cuteness overload!


Glittery Nails With Black Cats

Glitter polish with black cats drawings is bringing the Halloween atmosphere. We love that and you?

Pusheen Cat Nails Designs

Cute Cat Nails Designs

What can be more good looking than a little kitty face and a paw drawn on the nails? Such small details will make your taupe colored manicure pop a bit more. Especially if you add little white dots to go with the cat nails designs.


Beige Colored Nails With Geometrical And Cat Stickers Designs

Unique cat designs are here to prove you that manicure can be done in so many different ways. Do you prefer light colors on a daily basis but still would love to bring in some little designs? Then draw tiny geometrical details that will go so well with a cat sticker.

Halloween Nails With Cat Design

Trying on a cat nails design for Halloween is an excellent idea as it will bring in the right mood for a holiday making your manicure not so loud. Are you ready for some inspiration?

Cat Nails With Web Accent

Glitter nails will be so in the mood of fall that you won`t be able to resist trying them on. Add cat stickers to two of the fingers, and you won`t be unsatisfied with the Halloween atmosphere brought in by them.


Colorful Cat Paws on Nails

Little black cats paws on colorful nails, what can be cuter especially on such a trendy color?

Creepy Halloween Nails with Black Cat Accent

Designs are not only for a manicure, but we can also use them for a pedicure too.

Pretty Polka Dots Nails With A Cat And Pumpkin Accent

An orange and white base that goes on top of each other with the help of polka dots. Isn`t that good looking already? Draw a little black kitten with pumpkin and this cute image for sure will remind you of a great holiday ahead.

There are so many great cat nails ideas that you should definitely try. Get inspired with our suggestions and choose the one that will make your heart melt from joy.