21 Awesome French Manicure Designs for a Modern Woman

French manicure designs have always been in trend as they are classic. They will fit any clothes or look and can fit any formal or informal occasion – it doesn’t matter whether it is a wedding or a birthday party. Many women agree to that point that this manicure is pretty and rather easy to make. French mani is always lined with a pure white color. Nude, cream, pink and beige colors are the most popular base coats for this type of manicure. See the following ideas and try them on your nails.

Delicate French Manicure Designs

French nails are great for any season of the year. They always look awesome and stylish. Check out these delicate nail art ideas, and you will find the one that is perfect for you.

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Colored French Manicure Designs

French tip nails say that you should take time and shouldn’t be in a hurry when doing your manicure. Everybody knows that practice makes perfect. Colored French mani ideas are for those women who consider traditional manicure to be boring.

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Nude and Metallic French Manicure

These designs look complicated but it is not so. Just apply metallic polish on the tips of your nails, and you will see a wonderful result.

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Perfect French Manicure Ideas

Flowers will definitely give you some femininity. If you are not so experienced in the nail design application, you can ask your master for help. It won’t be difficult for a professional to make this design perfect.

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Super Sleek Modern French

The most classic nail design in the world is the elegant white-tipped French manicure. They look posh because of their simple yet fantastic style.

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Colored Accent French Manicure Designs

A colored accent on the tips of your nails will attract the desired attention to your hands. So, don’t forget to moisturize them.

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Fantastic French Manicure Designs Ideas

Make your French manicure look glam. These designs look awesome, pretty, and effortless.

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