21 Super Cool White and Black Nail Designs to Match any Mood

Black nail designs can be classy and elegant or daring and edgy. Black and white nail designs are a great way to express oneself.

Black nails are appropriate for a variety of occasions from a day at the office to a formal event. We have put together a list of elegant and trendy black and white nail designs that can fit any occasion or mood.


White nails are very classy and elegant, but you can dress them up with a burst of color or a dark and daring black design.

Check out our favorite white and black nail designs! Be sure to pin the ones you like best!

1. Checkered Nails

This retro black and white checkered design is sleek and stylish and a great throwback to the old days!

Source: Marinelp91 via Instagram


2. Cat’s Meow

We love this design because it’s so unique. This French manicure with rounded black tips is elegant but the black and white cat designs on the accent finger are fun and just a bit sexy!

Source: Littleshadow79 via Instagram

3. Black Nail Designs with Diamond Tips

This shiny black base with sparkly white “diamond” tips is captivating!

Source: EyeCandyNails via Facebook


4. Ghostly Nails

If you are feeling spooky, try these black nails with white ghosts. Or, if you prefer, paint your nails white and paint a black outline of a ghost. Either way, you’ll be ready for Halloween!

Source: Trendypolish via Instagram


5. Panda Bears

These adorable pandas are super-cute for those who prefer shorter nails!

Source: Lieve91 via Instagram

6. Moonlit Sky for Black Nail Designs

We love these half moon and full moon designs on a smoky black nail base.

Source: Ane_li via Instagram


7. Pop of Color

If you love black and white but want a burst of color, paint one of your mails in a brilliant shade to brighten things up a bit!

Source: Nailsbyjema via Instagram

8. Black and White Chevron Nails

This chevron design is quite stylish. If you want to make it a bit more edgy, add shiny gemstone to each nail.

Source: Zigiztyle via Instagram

9. Daring Dice

Love to gamble? This black and white dice design is perfect for a weekend getaway in Vegas!

Source: Khrystynasnailart via Instagram


10. Puppy Paws

Calling all dog lovers! Tails will be wagging everywhere for these adorable white paw prints on a black base.

Source: Jamylyn_nails via Instagram

11. Paisley Power

If you love all things paisley, you’ll love this intricate paisley design. This look takes a lot of patience and quite a bit of skill, but you will be the envy of all your friends with these far-out nails!

Source: Kgrdnr via Instagram

12. Medical Mayhem

This simple design of a white cardiograph printout on a black base will make your heart skip a beat!

Source: Mimiaou.jpg via Instagram


13. Anchors Away

If you love the beach, you’ll sink for this trippy black anchor on your accent finger. To make the look even more fun, paint some white stripes and polka on black nails!

Source: Nailmachine via Instagram

14. Polka Dot Tips

Polka dot nails are totally in right now, but this French mani with a nude base and black tips with white polka dots takes it to another level!

Source: Ildikonailart via Instagram

15. Silver Swirls

This traditional black and white mani is quite classy but the silver swirls at the tips make it even more sophisticated and sexy!

Source: EyeCandyNails via Facebook


16. Dark As Night

Matte nails are super sexy and we love this matte black with shiny rhinestones and white swirls.

Source: Nails_irinamarten via Instagram

17. City Lights

If you love to travel, you’ll love this look with its black base and dark silhouette of a city skyline.

Source: Jamylyn_nails via Instagram

18. Musical Melody

Music lovers everywhere will be singing about these whimsical music notes. You can paint white music notes on black nails, or vice versa. Or, mix and match for the perfect melody!

Source: Dibsonthatdesign via Instagram


19. Tuxedo Nails

These black and white tuxedo nails are the epitome of class and sophistication. But what makes them even more special is the sparkly black and silver bow on the accent nail.

Source: Naileditnz via Instagram

20. Love Is in The Air

Show your love with these pretty black and white floral nails. But what really sets this look apart is the bright red heart оn one of the fingers!

Source: Xxlovelauren via Instagram

21. Black and White Water Marble Nails

These black and white swirls are fun and modern. Marble art is super trendy, so all of your friends will be totally jealous!

Source: Willpaintnailsforfood via Instagram

Don’t you just love these awesome white and black nail designs? We sure do! You’ll be the envy of your friends with these sexy, edgy, and classy nail designs! Choose your favorites or mix and match! But the sky’s the limits and you can add your own personal touches to any of these designs for black and white nails!

Main photo by Marinelp91