Nude and gold nails are the perfect combination of classic and trendy. Besides, the variety of ways you can combine the two is limitless. And in case you do not believe us, we will try to prove it to you. What is more, we are more than sure that once you see our compilation, you will head straight to your nail artist to pull off one of those beauties!


Nude and Gold Nails with Glitter

Nude nail design look irresistible when mixed with gold sparkles. It does not matter in what order you decide to style your nails with gold, the effect will be more than stunning, that is for sure!


Nude Nails Designs with Gold Accent

The beauty of nude pink nails lies in their ability to make your nails look soft and elegant in a matter of few minutes. Just add up a gold pattern to your hot pink nails, and the ravishing effect is granted.

Gold Ornaments and Stripes for Nude Manicure

Geometric patterns are very popular these days for nude nails with glitter. That is why we suggest you to combine the gold geometric pattern with a nude base. Spice it up with a few rhinestones, and get ready for much attention!


Gold and Nude Nails with Foil

The mixture of nude nails ideas and foil looks extraordinary and sweet at the same time. Besides, it is difficult for someone to replicate your gold nails ideas, since it will turn out different any time you try it out.

Cute Nude Pink Nails with Gold

If you desire to get the cute and sweet nail art, then you should opt for the baby pink glossy base. But that is not it: the desired effect will be granted if you also add up some gold sequins to complete the fabulous design.


Nude and Gold Long Nails

There are times when mixing different styles is a very good idea. The combination of metallic, matte, rhinestones, and sequins for your simple nude nails looks majestic!

Golden Nails with Beige Colors

If you want your nails to look hot and edgy, we may know something that will grant you that desired effect. And that would be the combination of beige shades with golden nails art. Are you intrigued?

We collected these nude and gold nails for you. Try them and you will feel special!