Mouth-Watering Shades of Burgundy Nail Polish

Burgundy nail polish is a great choice for those women who are sick and tired of lovely pastel colors on their nails. These bloody hot burgundy hues are really a great choice. They look friendlier than black nails and are darker than red ones. Their wine hues can be even romantic sometimes. Because of their darkness, the bloody burgundy nails look elegant and posh. They can suit any occasion and different clothes because of that. If you now want some inspiration, you better scan the following top trendy designs.


Stunning Glitter Burgundy Nail Polish

Maroon nails will definitely make you look fabulous in any occasion. Stunning glitter burgundy nail designs are rather simple to do on your own.

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Burgundy Short Nail Art Ideas

Burgundy nails always look luxurious. Just scan these short nail art ideas and choose any for you.

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Best Burgundy Floral Nail Art Ideas

If you combine this color with any other bright hues, you will create a glamorous effect. These floral nail art ideas will give you some romance this spring.

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Burgundy Nails With Rhinestones

Burgundy nails with rhinestones will suit any party – from New Year’s to birthday. These designs will make your nails look brighter and chic.

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Burgundy Square Nail Designs

Square nail designs with wine hues are great for those women who always wish to look awesome and luxurious. These nail designs are extraordinary, unique, superb – pure perfection!

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Lovely Burgundy Nail Polish

Awesome combination of dark burgundy, glitter and stamping makes this design look super elegant. Superb combination of colors!

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Charming Burgundy Nail Polish

Long nails look super luxurious with this color. A simple and easy design with perfect polish colors. Make your nails ready for hot summer days.

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Main photo by So_nailicious