Matte Nail Polish Brands To Consider This Season

It is true that matte nail polish has been trending for a while now, but its popularity seems not to seize. There are more fresh options appearing, and the leading nail polish brands do not wish to lag behind. That is why today we are going to present to your attention the best new matte nail polish ideas suggested by the popular brands. We hope you enjoy and find something new and unique for yourself here!

Essie Matte Nail Polish

Essie is that one brand that never stops to amaze the customers and here the best matte nail polish ideas suggest by them.

«Aruba Blue»

Among all the matte nail polish colors this gorgeous blue one deserves special attention. The thing is that this hue is not only gorgeously matte but also has a charming metallic tint to it. If you are looking for something daring, then this must be your perfect choice.

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«Take It Outside»

It is true that nude shades are all in this season and Essie couldn’t merely stand aside, and they suggested a beautiful nude matte nail polish for your consideration. We do agree there can be barely anything more magnificent and simple at the same time than this shade.

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«Kimono Over»

It is not a secret to you that purple hues are on the edge of popularity these days. That is why if you are looking for a perfect dark plum matte nail polish you may have already found it!

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Zoya is a favorite brand of many fashionistas, and when you have a look at this matte nail polish compilation, you will understand why.

«Iris Matte Velvet»

It is safe to say that among all the purple matte nail polish colors this one is truly the sassiest. What is more, this misty plum hue has an irresistible charm that no one will be able to resist. Are we correct?

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Those of you who think that matte black nail polish is boring – you haven’t observed this beauty from Zoya yet! This shade lies somewhere in-between black and gray, and that is what makes it so unique and desirable.

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These days matte pink nail polish is not something can surprise a true nail art addict. However, there is something special about this dusty rose shade from Zoya, would not you agree?

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China Glaze Matte Nail Polish

It is true that china glaze always comes up with the most unusual matte nail polish ideas. Let’s have a look at what they prepared now!


On the one hand, you may think that there is nothing special about white matte nail polish, but we are sure that you will change your mind after one glance at this pure beauty.

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Matte black nail polish is that one shade that you need when you desire to make a statement. Nothing is out of place about such a shade, but there is still something magnetic and unique it carries.

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In case you are a fan of OPI matte nail polish collection then these few shades will become a few worthy additions to your collection.

«You Dont Know Jacques»

When you are in need of a matte nail polish that can be both neutral and bold when necessary, then OPI has got something special for you.

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«The First Lady Of Nails»

Very often green hues are a little bit underestimated and left out, however not by OPI. They decided that matte green can be a new trend when you combine a proper color witthe h corresponding season. What do you think?

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If are all about matte nail polish in pastel shades then EllaMila has something in store for you.

«Grey Skies»

Very often grey shades are considered to be dull and unappealing. However, wait until you see the Grey Skies from EllaMilla! If there is any cuter grey nail polish existing – we know nothing about it! This hue is mesmerizing in its simplicity.

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«Bon Boyage»

When it comes to matte nail polish colors all of them are unique and special. But those of you who look for unusual pastel shades will certainly agree that this matte green nail polish is ravishingly beautiful and sweet.

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Of course, Chanel had to come up with something exquisite and unique when they considered the matte nail polish collection. Let’s have a closer look at the outcome!


Those of you who wish to make a statement with the help of matte nail polish colors – rejoice! Chanel has done it for you! This sheer blue nail polish is so bright and daring that it is certainly difficult to resist the temptation to try it out immediately.

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As you can already see green matte nail polish colors are pretty popular this season. If you are all in for metallic green witthe h beautiful matte finish – then Emeraude is your perfect option.

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Deborah Lipmann «After Midnight»

Deep blue matte nail polish colors are all special but this one – After Midnight – is truly spectacular. With such a manicure you will be able to make a statement no matter where you go!

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Kendra Scott «True Red»

Of course, the nail art would be incomplete without the red matte nail polish and Kendra Scott has figured it out. That is why, when you get a little too bored with your glossy red remember that there is another red to give a try to!

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Matte nail polish is on the edge of glory these days and more and more brands decide to invest into the category. That is why if you are looking for the freshest and the most stylish matte nail polish colors from known brands – we have it covered for you!

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