For a while now we all heard that matching lipstick and nail polish is the greatest mistake ever and most of you have been trying to avoid that from happening. However, these days the notion becomes not that one-sided. The thing is that matching your lips and nails may become trendy again. That is why we are ready to treat you with a set of exclusive ideas to get inspired by when you decided that the color of your lips and your nails should better match this time.


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Matching Red Lipstick And Nail Polish

As a matter of fact, matching red lipstick and nail polish of the same shade may be easily considered to be a classy option. What is more, if your skin type is fair that it is precisely the combination that will add that unforgettable vibe to your look. Make sure you opt for more coral shades with fair skin tone.

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Gold Lipstick Nails Matching

Real queens choose gold and royal hues that is a known fact. That is why this combo of gold and royal blue is so unique and majestic!

Nude Lipstick Nail Combo

Nude shades are very required these days in both makeup and nail art world. The main reason for that is that natural look is the trendies recently. That is why, if you are a fan of nude lipsticks we suggest to your attention a suitable nail design to match the look. Instead of regular one-shaded neutral manicure, why not to opt for a spicy and elegant French ombre with the addition of gentle rhinestone pattern.


Nude Pink Lipstick And Matching Nail Polish

Pink shades can be very versatile, but no one can disagree that some of them are not cute – they all are. However, when you are looking for something sweet and girly to complete your look, nude-shaded lipstick and light pink nail art will make a perfect couple, that is for sure!

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Pink Lipstick Nails Shades

Sometimes the question arises how to match your nails and lips so that they do not blend. The best answer to that would be to make your lips matte while leaving all the gloss to the nails; it can work vice a versa as well.


Burgundy Lipstick Matching Nails

Among many nail polish trends, burgundy remains on the top. Since there is never enough of this royal shade, you can easily matching nails your lips in one hue. Adding a light ombre effect to your lips, you will emphasize the beauty of their natural skin glow.

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Matching Plum Lips with Nail

Those of you who are in love with darker hues will surely appreciate the interaction of plum hues between the lips and the nails. Magnetic!

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Purple Matching Lipstick and Nail Polish

Matte is rocking the beauty world. We are sure, with such a trendy shade and perfect matching your look won’t go unnoticed.


Black Lipstick Nails Mix

In case you are wondering what color to paint your mails to match that super black lipstick of yours – we have the perfect answer for you. Apply black nail polish to your nails with matte effect, and they will suit your black vamp look perfectly!

Matte Grey Lipstick Nails Matching

Grey hues are certainly on the edge of popularity when it comes to nail art. However, when you come to the conclusion that your nails are not enough of a stylish accent then adding some matte grey lipstick may be a great possible way out.

Ombre Lipstick With Nail Polish

You can easily match the unmatchable and achieve an entirely hip effect! Ombre nails and lips mix are best confirmation of the idea.


Expression Art For Your Lips and Nails

Many people take lip art as a proper way to express their inner artist and must say that in most case the outcomes are mind-blowing. This water marble lip and nail art can’t leave anyone indifferent.

Colorful Lipstick Nails Matching

Taking into consideration the trend that is making its way back into fashion the makeup companies are coming up with matching lipstick nails polish sets

We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!