30 Totally Cool Nail Designs for 4th of July Fun

Cool nail designs are fun year round, but even more so on a summer holiday! Independence Day means fireworks, barbecues and endless fun in the sun! Of course, you’ll want to show your love for your country with trendy nail designs in red, white, and blue!


Whether you are thinking about pretty nails in elegant red, white, and blue or a bold and daring design to make a statement, we have some totally fun nail designs for Independence Day!

We think you should totally be able to pull off these simple nail designs on your own! So, break out your pretty shades of red, white, and blue nail polish and get to work! Time to kick off the celebration with some fun 4th of July nails!

Check out our favorite cool nail designs for Independence Day!

Stripes Galore

We think these alternating white and red stripes with a sparkly star at the nail bed are quite striking!

Source: Chickettes via Instagram


Metallic Blast

Divide the pattern of an American flag and let the silver and red stripes adorn 2 nails, leave 1 nail white or silver, and the remaining 2 nails will show off silver stars on a blue base.

Source: Bunny Nails


Midnight Blues

Paint white and red stripes, and they should not necessarily be flawless. This will be the base. Next, apply star stencils and paint the nails matte blue.

Source: Nailsbyjema via Instagram


Cloudy Day

These red, white, and blue clouds are quite dreamy! Add some bubbles and sparkles to other nails.

Source: Polish and Pearls


Sparkly Stars and Stripes

If you are a fan of glam, you’ll love these alternating nail designs in red, white, and blue with a big bold star on one finger!

Source: Sassyshelly129 via Instagram

Wacky Waves

If you love the ocean but also want a patriotic look and feel, these bold blue waves at the tip of red and white striped nails definitely makes a statement!

Source: Funkifiednails via Instagram

4th of July French Mani

You’ll love this take on the French mani with thick red and white stripes, and thick blue tips, and tiny white stars! All you need is a nail strip tape and star stamps to get this star-spangled mani!

Source: Emma for Fashionisers

Cool Nail Designs:Hearts, Stars & Stripes

We think this look is the perfect way to mix it up! A dark blue base with tiny white stars looks cute. Adorn one of the nails with a heart to show how much you love your country!

Source: Fancyboss_nails via Instagram


Patriotic Polka Dots

These pretty red and blue polka dots on a white base are simple yet stunning. Or mix it up: red and white on a blue base or white and blue on a red base: the choice is all yours!

Source: Polishedjess via Instagram

Ombre Stenciled Stars

We love these blue to red fade ombre stenciled stars on a white base!

Source: Kt_tk1 via Instagram

Curve Ball

If you are a baseball fan, you’ll love this look with its stitches that resemble a baseball mixed with bright red, white, and blue designs!

Source: Emilymarie2131 via Instagram

Cool Nail Designs:Shiny Stars

Want to keep it simple? Decorate nails with a star in the color of your choice on a neutral base? You are still showing your love but with a classy, minimalistic vibe.

Source: Nail_unistella via Instagram


Funky Fireworks

Not a fan of red, white, and blue? We think these bright bursts of color on a black base are totally reminiscent of 4th of July fireworks?

Source: Gabbysnailart via Instagram

Striped French Mani

Another classy yet patriotic look is this simple mani with thin red, white, and blue stripes at the tip with different colors at the nail bed.

Source: Paintboxnails via Instagram

Naughty Nautical Nails

We think these red and white stripes are quite patriotic, but what makes this look stand out is the bold blue anchor on a white base on one finger for a fun but naughty nautical twist!

Source: Nailsbycambria via Instagram


Fun with Flags

We think this fun take on the American flag is bold and edgy. A different style red, white, and blue design on every nail for a totally funky vibe!

Source: Banicured_ via Instagram

Ravishing Red

If you love red nails but still want to show your love for the USA, why not paint all of your nails in red and paint a flag on one finger?

Source: Sundancegirl via Instagram

Stars and Swirls

We think these white and red swirly stripes with tiny blue stars are quite charming!

Source: Sharnailstar via Instagram


American Flag Mani

This adorable mani is perfect for those with shorter nails. Adorn two nails with an American flag, and you’ll steal the show!

Source: Jamberry via Instagram

Cool Nail Designs: Red, White, And Blue Tie Dye

Love marble art? This fun take on tie dye with red, white, and blue is fun and youthful!

Source: Valesha via Instagram

Red, White, And Blue Ombre

Ombre nails are still all the rage and we love this fade from dark red to shiny white and deep blue to white!

Source: Polishedjess via Instagram

Pastel Matte Cool Nail Designs

A subtle manicure will suit the occasion as well; all you need to do is to involve the matching shades and patterns. For a more stylish look, use the matte top coat.

Source: Ninanailedit via Instagram


Nail Design For 4th Of July With Negative Space

If you are looking for a design to sport even after the day is over, we may have an idea in mind. The thing is that the combo of negative space and stars and stripes is the one that will suit both the formal as well as an informal part of the holiday and days after it.

Source: Hannahroxit via Instagram

Blue And Red Ombre Nails Design

There are times when you wish to look like no one else. That is why when everyone around you is opting for the flags shades and patterns, you can choose something different. What we have in mind is an unusual red and blue ombre with
a hint of sparkles to it.

Source: Dream_nails_ewa via Instagram

Sweet Stars Accent For 4th Of July

A simple manicure can be themed as well; all you need is a proper pattern. A classy red manicure will look exquisite and proper if you spice it up with a starry pattern. The outcome will be sweet and charming.

Source: Poshandpolishedsd via Instagram


Cool Nail Designs With Stones Accent

You can get as experimental as you wish, there are no set boundaries. Keep the required hues in mind and set your imagination free when coming up with the ways to match them!

Source: Zack_pn via Instagram

Simple Nails Art For 4th Of July

4 th of July is an important day for each and every American. The way you choose to celebrate is up to you as well as your manicure. If you are looking for something simple, then you should definitely consider this stripes-and-stars idea.

Source: Classyclaws.by.bec via Instagram

Total Glitter Cool Nail Designs

When all the ladies around you are thinking about all the unusual patterns to decorate their nails with, you can center your attention around the shades. Use glitter three-colored ombre to finish your patriotic and one of a kind manicure!

Source: Classyclaws.by.bec via Instagram


American Flag With Elegant White Color

As you may already know, an elegant manicure is not only about the elements that make it look that way, but about the way they are combined. White and tasteful manicure with two accent fingers is precisely what we have in mind.

Source: Nailsbycambria via Instagram

Flag Color Mix

There are times when you are out of time to come up with something over the edge complex when it comes to nail art. In times like this, all you need to do is to paint your nails red, blue and white. You can also add some sparkles to intensify the patriotic vibe.

Source: Sp_nails1 via Instagram

Feeling patriotic? We are psyched for Independence Day 2017! We hope you love these cool nail designs for 4th of July as much as we do! So, paint those nails and get ready for a day of fun in the sun, bonfires on the beach and fireworks under a star-filled sky!

Main photo by Sp_nails1