While designers are creating the trends, our favorite celebrities rush to implement them into everyday life ahead of the others. But, no matter whether these are celebrity nails, clothes or hair that you consider, these accessories are always perfect-looking and unique. Do you wish you could join the ranks of the chosen at least for a while? Then you need to try and experiment with the best manicures that these famous people sport to countless events and occasions.


Celebrity One Tone Nails

We often see celebrities with long nails and impossible designs when it comes to annual red carpets and other celebrations. However, Rihanna here proves that classic red is never out of style, rather on the contrary.

What type of nails do celebrities get?

Do celebrities get press-on nails?

What nails does Kim Kardashian have?


Kylie Nails Design

The total white look is something that Kylie uses to her advantage. In case you think that the result will be bleak and undistinctive, you should look twice to change your mind.

Lily Allen Nails

Lily Allen is known for her deliberate choice of nail art ideas. This time, she decides that there’s nothing better to complete her dark-hued look than milky-white extended tips. There is nothing out of place about the general image that the singer pursues.


Demi Lovato Nails Idea

It’s a fact that Demi Lovato loves artist nails. Yet, casual metallic purple nails can be added to the category of edgy tips. On the other hand, any lady can play around with the tint and implement it into her style.

J Lo Nails Design

Going out with need, well-manicured nails is what you should do if you don’t want to fuss around with intricate designs. Besides, at times, the clothes you wear may be enough to represent your sense of fashion and style. Even J Lo sports the idea every now and then.


Dua Lipa Celebrity Nails

Such top celebs as Dua Lipa love all the edginess and show-off tips. We can’t say that these crystal-endorsed tips look out of place. In fact, they seem to complete the silver elegance of the outfit that she’s wearing. Yet, in real life, you may want to be a little cautious as to where and when to sport the idea.

Billie Eilish Celebrity Nails

Billie Eilish seems to be genuinely fond of the brands that she’s wearing. So, the singer does not think twice when it comes to decorating her nails in sync with the clothes she wears.

Cardi B Celebrity Nails

Cardi B is the queen of extraordinary, especially when it comes to her looks. However, this time, she decides to accentuate the length rather than the décor. So, yellow stilettos are the perfect stars nail you can easily replicate.


Nails Like Kim Kardashian

There is barely anyone who can compare to the renowned icon of style Kim Kardashian. However, at times the diva prefers classics to innovation. Thus, French tips complete this sparkly, tight-fit dress better than anything else.

Queen B Nails Design

At times, celebrity manicures stand out to make those perfect accents that ensure that the image is noticed and remembered. Who could have thought that Queen B would adorn such a gentle dress with such a daring nail color? But the fact remains, black is the new fancy!

Sofia Vergara Celebrity Nails

Despite the range of popular nails, Sofia Vergara believes that there is nothing better to compliment an evening gown than a classy red manicure. Who are we to disagree?


Selena Gomez Celebrity Nails

Selena Gomez is known for her reserved style and classy taste. This time the celebrity chose to spice her elegant outfit with nonetheless elegant white mani. The chances are that you can replicate the image anytime you are getting ready for work.

Hailey Bieber Nails

Hailey Bieber has a perfect sense of style. Thus, when she wants to center all the attention on the dress, she opts for a gentle neural ballerina nail art. While the design does not steal the show, it adds up to the whole image.

Miley Cyrus Nails Idea

Miley Cyrus isn’t the angel of Hollywood, and her choice of clothes is at times highly questioned. Yet, her manicure fits the category of the best celebrity nails since the rainbow mani is something that most of us prefer to wear at one time or another.


Lana Condor Celebrity Nails

Lana Condor’s stylists knew that the royal appeal of her outfit needed no additional accents. Thus, painting her nails gentle pink was a perfect way out. Of course, you can use the idea to your benefit too. The darker is the dress color. The lighter can be the manicure.

Kesha Celebrity Nails

You don’t need a famous nail artist at hand to replicate this stylish nail art that Kesha wears. While the hue interacts with her locks, it also matches the neutral tints of her dress. Perfect balance!

Megan Thee French Nails

Slightly adorned French tips are what Megan Thee wears with pride. Those of you who could have assumed that Frenches are gone and forgotten should better reconsider the stylish idea.


Andra Day Celebrity Nails

Andra Day proves that retro vibes are all in this season. Thus, painting your nails dusty pink or fuchsia is a great choice. You may cut on the length a bit depending upon your needs and preferences, though.

For the longest while, celebrity nails were so over the edge fancy that not everyone could afford to replicate them. However, these days, times have changed, and the famous ladies choose style over everything else. Thus, you can join their ranks by sporting related manis just like that!