There are many reasons why burgundy nails are on the edge of popularity these days. The thing is that burgundy is one of those universal shades you can wear anywhere and anytime. It is less bright than red and spicier than sheer black. Besides, no matter what you wear – burgundy hues will only add that distinctive taste to your outfit. The number of designs involving burgundy is also quite impressive. That is why we thought that maybe you were looking for something both classy and sassy and decided to suggest you a list of fresh ideas to try out right now.


Matte Burgundy Nails

When you combine burgundy nail polish with a matte top coat, it seems that the look is so perfect that there is nothing else to add. Yet, we know of a stunning way to take your nails to the next level – that is the addition of a fancy but straightforward rhinestone pattern to the matte burgundy beauty of your nails.


Burgundy Ombre Nails

We can’t simply leave out ombre burgundy nails. To tell the truth ombre technique can spice up any look or situation. It is up to you to choose if mild or bold you want to look today. But we can’t but mention this queen-worthy black or red to burgundy transition with a beautiful gold crown on top.

Sparkly Glitter Burgundy Nails Designs

Burgundy nail designs with glitter look amazing. In fact, glossy burgundy hues are perfect to make your nails look visually longer.


Burgundy Nails with Rhinestones

Rhinestones look magical when combined with burgundy, there is no doubt about it. The darker the shade the better it brings out the beauty of rhinestones. What is more, you do not have to go over the edge, even the simplest pattern will look outstanding when combined with burgundy hues.

Hand Painted Art For Burgundy Nails

The unique design painted by hand is that perfect definition of nail art. It may be a little bit more time consuming, but the result will totally be worth it since your nails will look like no one else’s. Furthermore, you can grab one of these ideas to create something of your own. Floral art or tribal patterns, for example, never look the same, they are always unique and fascinating!


Variations of French Tips for Burgundy Nails

Speaking about French tips, it is safe to say that they are the definition of a classy and stylish lady. But sometimes traditional tips become boring. And when you think that you are ready for an experiment, we may have something stored for you. Not to go over the edge, we suggest you upgrade your glossy maroon nails with a nice shiny stripe. So simple and so gorgeous!

Sweet Floral Burgundy Nails Art Designs

As a matter of fact, floral nails are all the rage this season. You may choose anything according to your preferences: hand-painted roses, simple daisies or even stylish black stamping.

Burgundy Nails With Gold Accents

Burgundy nail polish with the addition of gold are equally the definition of luxury and nobility. Using one of our suggested design options will make your nails look simply gorgeous.


Incredible Burgundy Nails With Cat Eye Effect

Cat eye in burgundy hues deserves special attention. Be it a solid manicure or just an accent, a matte or glossy top – the effect will be breath taking. See for yourself!

Burgundy Nails Art With Accented Finger

Very often, all that you need to end up with perfect manicure is a proper accent. It can be glitter accent finger or marble stone accent, even a beautiful floral 3-D pattern. Choose wisely!

In case you like these nail designs, do not forget to share them and come back any time you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next mani.