Perfect Birthday Gifts For True Nail Art Addict


Picking birthday gifts is always fun but never easy, we are sure that most of you will agree with that. But there are some exceptions, especially if you have a proper guide at hand. The thing is that today we are going to talk about the vast list of appropriate presents for a friend who is in love with manicure. Of course, trusting your nail artists with your next mani is a great idea but not always there are time and means for that. That is why we suggest you have a look at these incredibly useful gift ideas to surprise and satisfy even the most demanding nail professionals!!


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Nail Polish Kit

A new set of nail polishes is always welcome by a soul devoted to manicure. The thing is that you can present your friend with her favorite collection of nail polish colors, or get a little creative and suggest a set of nude shades for everyday life purposes, or you can take it even further and come up with a bright nail polish kit so that she can experiment with various intricate designs and patterns. We are sure that your effort won’t go unnoticed.

When you are not sure about the choice of shades she prefers, there is a way out too – you can get a full set of top and base coat polishes. In case, you are not that much into nail fashion you surely do not know about the variety of those. But a set that includes nail strengthening base coats, glossy and matte tops, tops that dry fast and make the manicure last forever – are worth a fortune for a nail artist!

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You may think that you already made up your mind but wait until we bring the rest of worthy ideas for you to choose from. We are sure that the nail art attributes that we have gathered here will be equally appreciated by any nail art addict. What is more, every lady will be more than eager to try out something new and unusual if she has a set of proper tools at hand! So let’s have a look, shall we?


Striping Tape

You may be amazed how many versatile designs can be created with something as simple as striping tape. The thing is that colorful stripping tape can be used as a fancy decorative element, but as well it can be used as a perfect tool to create other extraordinary designs. We are sure a girl who is into manicure will find a suitable place for a present like that!

Transfer Foils

Every girl who is obsessed with manicure dreams of perfect nail designs that are both unique and easy. That is why the ideal thing that you can get as a gift is transfer foil. What is so unique about transfer foil? The idea is that transfer foil is that one thing that will add a fresh and intricate touch to any base color of choice without much of the time spent. It is a win-win present!

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Sets Of Studs, Domed Pearls Or Rhinestones

To succeed with unique 3D patterns ladies always need studs, rhinestones, domed pears and the other similar elements. That is why to make your girl happy you should better treat her with a set or two of these small but fancy manicure helpers. In case you are not sure that picking up a proper decorative element is what you can succeed with no matter the help, we have some more ideas in mind!

Nail Care Chest

Taking care of nails is not only giving them perfect manicure every once in a while it is a lot more than that. That is why the best birthday gifts for a true nail art addict would be a chest full of all possible nail protecting treasures. Trust us; you can never go wrong with the gift like that!

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Nail Art Brushes Set And Dotter Tool As Birthday Gifts Ideas

Of course, a professional and unique-looking manicure requires not only a choice of decorative elements but also proper tools. For example, striper brush is what is needed to create detailed patterns, as well as a dotter tool will help in the creation of all possible dotted patterns, not to mention how useful a set of brushes will be. Think about it!

Nail Polish Ring Holder

If you are looking for a gift that will be both proper and practical, then there is nothing better than a nail polish ring holder. No more spilling or other inconveniences, your girl will be head over heels with such a present!

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UV Lamp Nail Dryer

Gel manicure is on the edge of popularity these days but doing it all the time at the salon may be inconvenient. That is why if your girl is dying to start doing gel manicure at home there is nothing better to give her a start than a UV lamp nail dryer. What do you think?


Nail Polish Display Rack

It is inevitable that sooner or later every girl complains that she has too many nail polishes and too little room to store them, what is more whenever you need a particular shade it is always missing. What a nightmare! To save your beloved one from this terrible agony, there is a perfect gift you can treat her with – a display rack! With an excellent nail polish display rack, her nail polishes will always be organized and will add a unique charm to the room interior.

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Nail Repair Formula

No matter how well all the fancy nail art ideas look, there is always a need to give your nails a break. That is why if you know that your girl is about to stay away from all the manicure for a week you are bound to present her a right nail repair formula so that her nails grow out faster and they are a lot healthier when the time for new manicure comes.

Electric Nail Drill Manicure Care Set

Beautiful manicure is not only the fancy design on your nails but also the state your nails are in general. That is why these days electric nail drill manicure becomes more and more popular. There is no wonder why since the manicure becomes a lot easier and faster process, to begin with. That is why a small electric drill manicure care set is one of the birthday gifts that every girl devoted to perfect nails dreams of!

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Birthday Gifts: Nail Gel Polish Starter Kit

If your girl is into nail art but still is just a beginner, then the gel polish starter kit will be more than the appropriate and useful present. The thing is that starter kits include a base and top nail polishes, LED lamps, few choices of colored nail polishes, gel nail polish remover and even some starter gem sets. As you may have already guessed such a kit will not only make any girl happy but also will program her to become a talented nail artist even just for herself.

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Nail Stamping Sets

Stamping nail art is on the edge of popularity these days. However, you cannot replicate it at home, unless you have a stamping set at hand. That is why if you know that your friend is really into nail trends – treat her with a nice stamping set and her gratitude will be endless.

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Aeropuffing Set

Aeropuffing is the uprising trend these days, and all the nail art addicts are dreaming about a perfect set. If you know someone who is head over heels about her nails- treat her with a present like that, and you will see the joy of not seen before level, we can promise you that!

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The Best Birthday Gifts: Gel Moisturizing Gloves And Socks

In order for the hands to look perfect no matter what it is important to take care not only of nails but hands in general. Since hands need constant moisturizing to look their best something like gel moisturizing gloves will come in more than the handy. Oh, and do not forget about toes and add gel moisturizing socks to the list!

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Decoration Tool Set Kit

What makes many nail art designs so special? In most cases, the decoration it comes with. That is why, a full set of all possible means to decorate your nails with will be highly valued by a devoted nail art fan, we can assure you here! It is really good birthday gifts for true nail art addict, isn’t it?

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We hope these ideas of the birthday gifts come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!

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