Nice nails will for sure make you the center of attention. Your nails are ready to play in the summer sun. Today we want to give you amazing inspiration to sport gorgeous polka dot nails. Remember that nice nails play an important role in women’s look. You can’t go wrong with them!


Polka Dots Nails with Flowers

Need some cute nail designs inspiration for your nails? We will provide you with it, be sure! Here we have a great collection of flowers nails designs to share with you. Stylish ideas for dotted manicure will fit any outfit and make it more elegant. They will leave you speechless for a moment.


Nice Nails with Bright Polka Dot Nails

You will have the best nails if you pick one of these designs. They can really make your hands sparkle. Show that you take care of your nails. Even with short nails you can decorate them to look beautiful. Due to the simplicity of these nail designs, you can even do it yourself. Begin a fresh chapter with these nail designs!

Polka Dot Nail Art for Nude Nails

Dotted designs for nude nail design look very elegant and sophisticated. They will for sure suit any occasion and outfit. Bright or even glittery dots make these polka dot nail art really fun. If you want to try something very decorative and appealing, these cute manicure variants will definitely help you.


Nice Nails with Ombre Polka Dot Nails

Nail tips with cute dots will turn you into a princess at any event. Dots on the nail tips make these designs really eye-catching. We love the ease of creating this manicure. You will be turning heads with this manicure, believe us!

Pastel Polka Dot Nails

Polka dot nails in pastel colors will make you the queen of any party. Moreover, they are super-duper easy to create. Master your trendy nails art techniques and let your imagination go wild!


Nice Nails with Glitter Polka Dots Combo

Take a look at these pink nails for a girly look and get inspired for your manicure ideas. These polka dot nails can give a stunning look to your nice nails and can force your friends to be jealous of you. These nail designs will make your look more feminine!

Neon Polka Dots Nails

These neon dots nails look really gorgeous. Both beginners and professional nail artists, everyone can try these polka dot nail designs. Neon nails designs will blow your mind away!