Pastel colors nails have been trending for a while not and it seems that this trend is here to stay with for a little longer. That is why we decided to treat you with a fresh portion of pastel colors nails which are on the edge of glory right now. We must warn you, the trends do not stand still and you should be ready to embrace the new ideas that fashion has to offer. Enough talking, let’s have a closer look!


Milky White Pastel Colors Nails

Even though, white nails are the definition of pure elegance and charm not everyone knows how to pull this shade of correctly. That is why we suggest to your attention a set of perfect upgrades to suit your white mani. A touch of sparkles or a mere rhinestone pattern will take your nail art to a whole new level in a blink of an eye.


Nude Nails To Embrace Elegance

Among all the nail colors, light color nail designs are preferred by ladies who are all about class and elegance when it comes to their looks. That is why we suggest to your attention a few worthy ideas of a nude-shaded manicure with sophisticated enhancement in the form of cute flowery patterns.

Cappuccino Pastel Colors Nails

Cappuccino pastel nails will look gorgeous when combined with intricate flowery patterns or trendy abstract art. We are sure that all the coffee-lovers will appreciate these ideas.


Gentle Pale Pink Nails

If you are a fan of pastel pink nails, then you will undoubtedly rejoice since painting your pastel nails pink is still popular. Though, nowadays you can upgrade your light pink nails with glitter without the slightest hint of fear that it may look inappropriate, quite on the contrary. What is more, light pink nail designs look pretty exceptional and sweet when spiced up with geometric art, keep that in mind.

Light Blue Nails Designs

Light blue nails with sparkles look extremely sweet and feminine there is no doubt about it. But those of you who like to add a little spice to their regular manicure from time to time will surely appreciate pastel blue nails with the addition of darker blue shades as a perfect accent.


Sweet Pale Lilac Nails

Very often light purple nail designs are somehow underestimated and left out. That is why our aim here is to prove you that pastel purple nails look no worse than any other pastel shades if you know what to enhance them with. A matte top or purple and silver nail designs are on the top of the list and when you have a look at the images below you will understand why.

Peach Pastel Colors Nails Designs

When you are wondering what to combine a pastel nail polish with, the answer is – with another pastel shade. When too much pastel is not for you, then glitter it is. Especially sweet glittery patterns look when combined with peach pastel hues. Do not trust us? See for yourself!

Green Pastel Colors Nails

We must admit that the green nails look rather unusual. However, for several seasons they are hiding an undoubted trend. That’s why we offer you some inspiring ideas for manicure in green shades.


Pale Yellow Nail Designs

Yellow polish look fresh and original. You can choose different pastel shades, decorate your nails with an unusual version of the French manicure, depicting geometric shapes and applying drawings.

In case you like these nail designs, do not forget to share them and come back anytime you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next mani.