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Mauve Color Nails and Polishes to Try

Mauve Nails to Try Right Now

Mauve color nails are something unbelievably trendy in the world of modern nail art. What is more, the shade itself is anything but ordinary, and that simply makes you try it out! All the best mauve colored nail art designs gathered in one place – just come and take it!

Maroon Nails Color and Designs

25 Maroon Nails Color and Designs for 2023

Maroon nails allow for a multitude of mani design options, from elegant and refined to quirky and flashy. If you’re looking for a dose of inspo, then you should definitely check out our gallery of the best maroon nail ideas.

Matte Black Nails Ideas

35 Matte Black Nails Ideas 2023

Matte black nails have become trendy quite recently. There is no wonder why since the matte trend is still pretty fresh. But why should you opt for black, you may wonder? The thing is that there are times when you would like to express yourself but lack the idea and the design itself. We thought […]

Most Popular Ways to Wear Grey Nails

Grey Nails and Ways to Wear Them

Grey nails are often considered boring and dismal. Yet, we believe that they just don’t get enough credit. There are many ways to pull off a gray mani so that it looks stylish and bold. Check out the best ideas here.

Lovely Peach Color Nails Designs You Must To Try

Lovely Peach Color Nails Designs for 2023

Peach nails effortlessly complement a wide range of skin tones, making them universally flattering. The warm undertones of peach create a subtle glow on the fingertips, adding a touch of warmth to your overall appearance. Whether you’re attending a formal event, lounging by the beach, or simply going about your daily routine, peach nails offer a subtle and elegant accessory that seamlessly enhances your look.

Something Beautiful: Get Inspired With Amazing Pink Acrylic Nails

Charming Pink Acrylic Nails Ideas 2023

Pink acrylic nails are made for girls who like to stand out in the crowd. They boost your confidence and look complimentary no matter your nail shape and length. Explore our guide for the most captivating ideas.

Pink and Gold Nails Designs Every Girl Should Try

25 Pink and Gold Nails Designs Every Girl Should Try

Pink and gold nails are the perfect addition to your elegant and stylish outlook. In case, you lack some fresh ideas to play around with – we are here to help. All the best nail art ideas involving pink and gold shades can be found here!

Fantastic Burgundy Nails For Super Stylish Ladies

25 Fantastic Burgundy Nails For 2023

At first sight, there is nothing special about burgundy nails. But wait until you see our selection, we bet you will not resist these juicy hues! Burgundy nails can be classy and sassy at the same time, and of course, you need some fresh ideas to experiment with. Luckily we have a fresh set of brand new looks to suggest!

Orange Nails Are The Juiciest Manicure Color You Can Imagine

Orange Nails Are The Juiciest Manicure Color You Can Imagine

Orange nails are anything but boring. Yet, not everyone is daring enough to pull off this shade. No worries. Our guide will help you to find a shade and style of an orange mani that resonates with you best.

Chic And Stylish Ideas For Blue Nails To Keep Up With Fashion

Why Blue Nails Are The Hottest Trend of the Season

The versatility of blue nails extends beyond the color spectrum. Nail art enthusiasts have embraced blue as the base for intricate designs, allowing creativity to run wild. Make a splash with your next manicure, and let your nails shine in our stunning shades of blue designs!

Teal Nails Designs You'll Fall In Love With

Teal Nails Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

Teal nails bring a lot of diversity and flexibility to your fashion and overall look. It adds a playful touch to your dresses which is why we’ve provided easy ideas for your teal nail designs.

Top Color Nails Trends

Popular Color Nails that Are Fashionable in 2023

For people looking for nail colors out of the ordinary, experimenting with different colors is the right way to go. This article will update your knowledge of the various ways you can achieve unique and tailored designs. Also, you get to know what color choice would go best with one another.

Beautiful White Tip Nails Designs Specially for You

White Tip Nails: The New Manicure in 2023

White tip nails are timeless and classic, yet very chic. They instantly update your nails with a pop of flair which is why most women try to incorporate them in their manicures. Classy is an understatement for the different designs that can be achieved with the white French tip nails and a lot of ideas have been provided for your inspiration.

Light Blue Nails That Are All The Rage Right Now

Light Blue Nails That Are All The Rage Right Now

Light blue nails are the first nail colors to pop into your head when you hear summer or spring. Regardless, knowing what designs go best with this shade is very important in order to get the best out of your manicure session. That is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer you the best nail ideas to try with the baby blue nail color.