20+ Best Harry Potter Fan Art Nails: Put A Spell On Your Manicure


Harry Potter fan art deserves special attention when it comes to nail fashion. It is true that there are millions of Harry Potter fans all over the globe and some of them dare to go as far as to introduce some magic into their muggle world via the manicure. In case either you are a fan or going to a themed party, you will find this Harry Potter universe nail art ideas more than compelling – that is something we can assure you of! Have a look and take a pick out of this inspired nail art compilation!


Nails Inspired By Harry Potter Books

If you are a fan of the wizarding world, you surely have your favorite characters. In case it is Harry himself we suggest you add a nice portrait accent to your solid black manicure. Such an idea will keep things simple and straight to the point.

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Whole Harry Potter Universe In Your Manicure

Sometimes the world of Harry Potter can’t be described with one sole detail that is when you have to be as accurate as you represent the whole magic world in one nail art. We think this nail design deals with the task just perfect, what do you think?

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Witches And Wizards: Harry Potter Fan Art Nails

Every true witch and wizard are bound to monitor the recent nail world trends. If you are one of those, you will surely consider this stiletto nail art idea more than worthy. This is the case when fandom and fashion meet together.

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Slytherin Nails For Draco’s Fans

Harry Potter fan art nails are not just about one character. There are Draco’s fans out there too and especially for them. We suggest these gorgeous Slytherin nails idea!

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Wear On Your Nails A Tricky Marauders Map

Among lots of Harry Potter nails ideas, a Marauders map is another great choice to spice your nails up with. What is more, this nail art is so easy that you should be able to pull it off even in the safety of your own home.

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Fairy Manicure With Main Attributes Of Wizarding World

Harry Potter nail art is surely not limited to one style or idea. Fairy manicure can be both stylish and thematic. For example, galaxy nails look just perfect combined with Harry Potter world attributes, don’t you think?

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Dobby Is Free Elf!

What can be a better way to feel great about yourself rather than free the little elf? Make sure that the whole world knows that Dobby is a free elf with the help of our beige-shaded thematic manicure.

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Passage To Hogwarts: 9 ¾ Platform

Every Harry Potter fan knows how to get to Hogwarts – so why no tot make an accent out of it when it comes to your nails? Besides, there is always room for something else, think about other attributes and add them to your manicure without taking them over the edge.

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Gryffindor – Choice Of The Brave

Most of the main characters of Harry Potter books belonged to Gryffindor that is why in order to show your devotion it is important not only to add the symbolic to your manicure but also to use the proper shading. This gorgeous Gryffindor nail art is surely what you need to achieve the goal.

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Amazing Nail Art With Slytherin Attributes

The symbol of Slytherin is a snake, we all know that, but when your artistic skills leave much to be desired, but you are dying to pull off great Slytherin manicure, we have something special for you. All you need to do is to come up with proper shade of emerald and silver and a little bit of creativity and determination to end up with such a stunning result.

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Goblet Of Fire Inspired Nails

Harry Potter fan art can be so very different, and in case you have your fav chapter – feel free to depict in on your nails. All the fans of Goblet of Fire chapter will surely find this nail art idea totally worth replication or at least considering.

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: How It All Began

Keeping things simple does not mean stepping away from them. Just remind people how it all began – pain your nails royal blue and decorate the gorgeous base with golden keys – the chosen ones will understand.

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Magical Nails For Real Witch

A true witch is bound to know all about the potions and adding some to your nails is a nice idea too. In case you are afraid that you won’t be able to draw things right – you can always use special Harry Potter nail art decals!

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Unique Time-Turner Manicure

There are times when all of us would like to turn back time – even though it is impossible in real life in the world of Harry Potter, it clearly is. That is why a nice time-turner manicure will not help you actually turn back the time but will raise your mood, at least!

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Gorgeous Harry Potter Nail Art

Graphic nail art may seem to be far from having anything in connection with Harry Potter. However. If you use it right, you can achieve the goal of making your nails look thematic. Use this graphic idea to your advantage and get inspired!

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Harry Potter Fan Art Nails: Hufflepuff Manicure

Gold and black are the color of Hufflepuff, but if you are a true fan, you already know that. All that we are suggesting to show off your devotion to Hufflepuff house is a mesmerizing and cute nail design idea.

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Dramatic Black Harry Potter Acrylic Nails

Magical Harry Potter nail art can also look dramatic; you just need to use proper shading together with correct spells, if you know what we mean!

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Marvelous Nails For Real Harry Potter Fans

Those of you who are real fans of Harry Potter know every single detail about the story, that is why depicting some of them on your nails is a worthy idea. The thing is that the combo of ballerina nails and the wizarding theme is a great way to come up with a fabulous manicure!

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Gold & Black Sparkling Harry Potter Nails

Every girl likes some sparkles being added to her nails from time to time. That is why if you are equally fond of glitter and Harry Potter – why not to combine the two? As you can see, the outcome is just marvelous!

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Harry Potter Nails With Gradient Effect

The gradient is a viral technique these days but apart from coming up with the colors to combine there is something else there. What we have in mind is, of course, some stamping to enrich the result. Those of you who can’t live a day without dreaming about magic will surely appreciate the stamping in Harry Potter theme.

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Matte Manicure With Owl Hedwig

Black and white shades are the classic ones, and there is a limitless range of ideas to pull off with their help. The Hedwig inspired nail art is undoubtedly not the exception. What is more, the addition of beautiful roses only intensifies the charm of this manicure.

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Harry Potter Nails With Watercolor Design

White is the color of elegance and purity we all know that besides it is the trendiest shade of the season. However, no one said that you couldn’t combine the trend with magical designs, right? That is why we suggest you upgrade your white base with watercolor Harry Potter attributes to kill two birds with one stone.

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We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!

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