Has it ever occurred to you that gold glitter can be extremely versatile? The thing is that all you need to upgrade your luxe nails with is some glitter. Just a touch of glitter can transform your nails into something unbelievably trendy and special. Not to mention that the list of outfit ideas and occasions to rock with glitter mani is endless. For you not to get confused since all the trends are constantly changing we have come up with a set of fresh and stylish ideas you should better consider giving a chance to!


Rich Gold Glitter Gradient on Nails

These days, the variety of nail art designs is simply breath-taking! But one thing remains – if you want to add special charm to your manicure you opt for glitter ombre. What is more, the popularity of gold glitter, as well as ombre transition, seems not to seize trending. That is why be it classy white nails with glitter ombre or a bolder combo of wine red and gold fade – your nails will always look stylish.


Gold Glitter Luxe Nails With Accent

In case you are looking for some cute nail designs you have come to the right place! The thing is that usually, it is all about the properly added accent. In our opinion, gold glitter accent is what you need to spice your pastel or neutral mani without taking it over the edge. See for yourself!

Golden Glitter French Tips

French manicure with gold glitter is what everyone needs to look elegant and stylish at the same time. What is more, you are not bound to stick to the classic rules; you can always upgrade your black nails with gold tips with no loss of charm or elegance. Take your pick!


Marble Nail Art Design

Marble designs have been trending for a while now, and there is no wonder why. The thing is that no matter how skillful you or your nail artist is there are no two similar stone designs and that is the beauty of this design. If that is not enough adding some glitter to spice your art up is always a great option. Get inspired with these ideas!

Cute Nail Designs With Thin Stripes

If you are looking for a gold nails design to suit both formal and casual events, then we may have something in store for you. Combining your pastel-shaded manicure with gold stripes is a proper move to upgrade your classy manicure. If neutral shades are not your cup of tea, then you should definitely consider using bolder shades, and black is sure the best one.


Dazzling Combination: Gold Glitter Nails & Rhinestones

Black and gold nails art are extremely versatile when it comes to various ways of decoration. If you think black and gold nails for prom, you should in no case forget about rhinestones! A rhinestone addition will take any design to the next level of fabulous!

Geometric Nail Design With Gold Glitter

White and gold nail designs look flawless and undoubtedly elegant if you add some geometric patterns to them. It is up to you to decide upon how far you want to take it with glitter we think that even the minimum glitter brings in that special charm. In case you are not into white shades at all – red ones look fascination with the introduction of glittery geometric patterns!

Combo Blue & Gold Glitter for Luxury Nails

The thing about rich blue is that it is complementing you. Just add to blue gold glitter accent for looking more elegant.


Gold And Red Are Best Color Mix for Nails

Red – classic trend in every season! And with this color on your nails you will look more charming.

In case you like these nail designs, do not forget to share them and come back any time you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next mani.