We are sure that all of you have at least once, by now, heard about color changing nail polish, but the chances that you have tried it are still slim. That is why we decided that it is our responsibility to introduce you to the world of mood nail polish so that once you learn about it, you will rush to pull it off.


First things first, why is it so popular and what is so unique about it? Well, in case you ever had the mood ring when you were a kid you may get the catch. As your nails change temperature, your nail polish changes its shading so that no matter the manicure idea you nails will always look unique.

What is more, the number of ideas to pull off with such a nail polish is genuinely limitless not to mention magnificent. Additionally, we are also going to tell you about all the peculiarities of different mood changing nail polish produced by various companies, and of course, a fair share of trendy designs is waiting for you too!

Mirror Color Changing Nail Polish

Mirror is a fancy color changing nails idea. To tell you the truth the list of nail polishes is quite impressive, and all of them are unique in their nature. Depending on your preferences you can find almost anything and pull it off the way you like.

The thing is that there are no limits of color transitions anything on the scale from one shade to completely opposite is taken into consideration. For example, if you can’t decide whether you should go brown or blue, a nice mood nail polish can figure it out for you, and the effect will be ravishing.

What is more, some mood changing nail polish come with glitter, even, so that your nails not only change their color but also have some built-in sparkle. When this is not enough for you too, you can quickly pull off some intricate stamping idea with any of the color changing nails. Take a pick!


Long-Lasting Mood Changing Nail Polish

Have you ever wondered what are the best mood changing nail polish for short nails? The thing is that once you have shorter nails, it is somehow considered that you are a little bit left out since there are not so many nail art ideas to play around with. Once you get your hands on a color changing nails, this problem will be solved once and for all.

The nail polish that is able to change will already grant your nails that exciting transformation that an intricate nail design can’t due to the length.

Best UV Gel Mood Changing Nail Polish

The name itself is promising, isn’t it? The truth is that these days we are entitled to so many possibilities that it is difficult to come up with something extraordinary. What is more, the world of nail art is constantly changing, and it seems that every day there is something new to try out. That is why we suggest you try out color changing nails products.

It is impossible not to fall in love with this majestic mood nail polish and – they change! This is just mind-blowing, in case you wish to get why we are so excited – all you need to do is to have a look at the ideas listed here!


Easy-To-Use Color Changing Nails

When you think about color changing nail polish the first thing that comes to mind is that there should be a definite transition from one color to other. But that is not always true. The thing is once you think about chrome nails it is already color changing, isn’t it? Besides, chrome mood nail polish has been trending for a while now, and this spicy upgrade seems like what we all needed. The range of shades that chameleon nails can change from is also pretty versatile so you can easily choose your favorite transition and enjoy it every time you look at your nails. One more thing, the shape of your nails matters as well, that is when you are opting for something bold and daring, and duo-chrome nail polish is your weapon of choice it is best to choose something close to stilettos, while a more day-to-day look will surely go well with square shape.

Best Mood Nail Polish For Beginners

It may seem that mood changing nail polish is sheer and straightforward but the reality is entirely different. If you are a real artist, you will never limit yourself and when you have something like a color changing nail polish in your hands it is only natural to try and to take it even further. That is when the masterpieces are born.

Imagine the winter scenery that blooms with the slight change of temperature! This is no miracle these days if you have a proper mood nail polish at hand. It goes without saying that to create something like that you need to be a real artist at heart, but there are lots of little more straightforward ideas out there. We think that our primary task is just to open up the possibilities that can come to you once you lay your hands on a mood nail polish.

Time doesn’t stay still, come back for a fresh update of mood changing nail polish any time you decide that you have tried it all!