Pretty Nails Designs for Weddings or Special Occasions


Pretty nails will help complete your bridal ensemble for the big day! From hair to makeup to your gown, you’re going to be a gorgeous bride! But what about your nails? You want to find a look that’s feminine and delicate without taking too much attention away from your wedding and engagement rings and most importantly, from your wedding dress.


We have some awesome ideas for lovely nails for your wedding day. From simple looks for short nails to sexy stiletto nails to modern twist on the classic French manicure, we have something for everyone!

Save the cute nail designs for after the wedding! You want a look that is timeless and elegant for your wedding. Nothing too gaudy or off the wall that will take away from your beautiful wedding dress! Try one of these stunning takes on the French mani for your wedding day!

And who says pretty nails are just for brides? These classy and stylish French manis can work for any occasion!

Check out our favorite looks for pretty nails for brides! Don’t forget to pin your favorites!

Floral Lace

These white lacey flowers on a clear base are stunning and we love the silver gems in the center of two nails as they add just the right amount of sparkle!

Source: stylish_mom via Instagram


Pink Ombre and Silver

This pink to white fade ombre French mani is elegant, but what makes it stand out is the shiny silver accent fingernail!

Source: celinaryden via Instagram


If you are having a winter wedding, why not try these white delicate snowflakes on a pink base for a look that’s simple yet wintery?

Source: kt_tk1 via Instagram


Swirls Pretty Nails

If you have shorter nails, these thin sparkly swirls on a pale grey base are sophisticated and chic!

Source: thesammersaurus via Instagram

Baby Blues

If you want to steer away from the traditional white and pink wedding mani, this soft baby blue base with delicate white tips and a tiny white gem on each nail is still classy!

Source: kira_sweet_nails via Instagram


Lovely Lace

If you love lace nail art, these sparkly white lace patterns on a nude or palest white base are totally dainty and demure!

Source: nailcissa via Instagram

Tiny Hearts

This subtle pink is breathtaking, but we love the outline of a white heart on the ring finger to remind you of your endless love.

Source: kosmetycznahedonistka via Instagram

Glimpse of Glitter

These nude nails with glitter are super chic- they will sparkle in the light!

Source: prettydigits_ via Instagram


Pearly White Pretty Nails

Mother of pearl (iridescent) nails are timeless! We love this take on the French manicure with pearly iridescent tips on a nude base!

Source: fiina_naillounge via Instagram

Pretty in Pink

If you love pink, why not fully embrace it? This gorgeous pink is so cute, but we especially love the accent nail with its metallic silwer that will catch everyone’s eye!

Source: kosmetycznahedonistka via Instagram

Totally Taupe

Taupe nails are pretty and elegant, but add some golden designs and you’ll look like a princess!

Source: olamanipedi via Instagram


Hint of Silver

This palest of pale pinks is super pretty, but add a thin silver stripe at the tip for a hint of sophistication.

Source: jennymay5309 via Instagram

Black and White Nails

If you’re having a black and white themed wedding, these half moon tips with a shiny black base are sleek and stylish!

Source: kira_sweet_nails via Instagram

Silver Roses

These pretty silver roses on a white base are just lovely for a romantic vibe!

Source: nailliktoriya via Instagram


Flower Power

This classic French mani with a nude base and white tips is timeless, but the white flowers make it extra special!

Source: anna_malinko via Instagram

Golden Glam

If you want to go all out, try this combo with sparkly gold nails and a white and gold chevron pattern on the accent finger for a bold and edgy look. After all, it is your special day, so why not go for the gold?

Source: karissabianco via Instagram

Lines and Jewels

This manicure is simply adorable, don’t you agree? Neutral or light pink lacquer is appropriate for any season or occasion. And as for these shattered glass accents, they are so fall 2017!

Source: unistella_by_ek_lab via Instagram


Inspired by Kate Middleton

Do you wish to have a wedding ceremony that is worth of the real queen? Then this mani is exactly for you. Some time ago Kate sported a dress with a similar ethno print.

Source: chelseaqueen via Instagram

Fuchsia and Gold Negative Space Mani

A classic, white and neutral French manicure has a big number of new interpretations nowadays. For example, this design is also type of French though it hardly resembles it. And it is perfect for ladies who worship glam and high fashion.

Source: little_zzi via Instagram

Flowers on White

Practically any floral design is super-girly and cute, and these pink flowers that merge with a white matte base are not an exception. But keep in mind that such design best fits plain outfits rather than multi-colored ones.

Source: lackfein via Instagram


Nude Chevron

Most stylists agree that nude nails are unlikely to ever go out. Add some geometric elements to your nude nails, leave your ring finger plain, and your mani can become the new Insta hit! Also, some glitter won’t hurt!

Source: kgrdnr via Instagram

White Geometric Patterns

Do you think that white is too boring for your manicure? Oh, girl, you are so wrong! Just look how intricate your mani can appear with white lacquer and several silver accents. Special stripes will help you do this chic design.

Source: lieve91 via Instagram

Gorgeous Aristocratic Nail Design

Imagine that your last name is Rockefeller and you live in a mansion. Then that’s how your nails will look like! These patterns remind us of a fine huge chandelier.

Source: Mbettinanails via Instagram


Groom and Bride – Always Together

Look at this well-groomed couple! A man wearing a tuxedo and a lady wearing a low neckline and an expensive pearl choker, and all that beauty is on your fingernails! This mani is exceptional!

Source: Banicured_ via Instagram

Fabulous Nail Art For Your Big Day

This mother of pearl manicure is definitely every bride’s dream. 3D patterns adorned with shiny rhinestones makes this manicure stand out.

Source: Mbettinanails via Instagram

Have you fallen head over heels in love with any of these pretty nails? We hope you choose one of these classy looks for your big day! Congrats and have a happy and healthy life! We are sure you are going to be the most stunning bride ever!

Main photo by nailcissa