33 Summer Season Nails Art Ideas That Are Trending Right Now

Summer season nails should be carefully prepared for. Warm summer days are coming, so it’s time to choose charming dresses and bright nail polishes. You should take care of the beauty of your manicure and pedicure as they complete your summer looks. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to show the beauty not only of your legs, but also of your hands and especially nails. We believe that our ideas will help you in this case.

Pretty Flower Nail Designs

Summer nail designs are mostly bright. They should be eye-catching, vivid, and fresh. These pretty flower nail designs are exactly like that. What can be better than flowers in this season?

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Summer Season Art Designs for Short Nails

Summer nails need to be perfect. These art designs for short nails will make you stand out from the herd! They give great opportunities to master your nail art skills.

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Warm Nails Perfect for Summer

These warm colors are really perfect for your summer. Dress up your nails with subtle flower details, and you will be the queen in this floral kingdom! Just try these ideas and you are sure not to regret.

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Butterflies & Birds Nail Art

Butterflies and birds nail art will make you the center of attention. Your nails really deserve to be perfect. The only thing is that these nail art variants need some practice or a professional hand.

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Rainbow Nail Art and Other Bright Ideas for Summer Mani

What can be fresher than rain after summer heat? And what can be more gorgeous than rainbow in the blue sky? These rainbow nail art designs are sure to give you a whiff of fresh air, just try your hand at it!

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Source: Cutepolish via Instagram

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Dark Summer Season Art Designs

These dark summer season designs will be perfect for summer night parties. Don’t hesitate to try them on your nails.

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Lovely Summer Season Nails

Look at these lovely summer manicure ideas! Aren’t you yet inspired? We are.

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Trendy Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail trend has been around for a while already. Spice things up with glitter or rhinestones.

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Cute Pink Season Nails for Elegant Women

Nails in pink always look sophisticated, no matter which nail art you add. So, pink is the perfect pick for ladies who worship elegance.

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Bright Nail Designs to Finish Summer Look

Summer is the time to be bright, and these nail designs will work great. Patterned ethno mani is all the rage this season.

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Elegant and Stylish Season Nail Designs

Floral nail art is very feminine and elegant. Add pretty rhinestones for a more glamorous look.

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